2012 South Central Jurisdiction Episcopal Address

Bishop Robert Schnase, episcopal leader of the Missouri Area of the United Methodist Church, brought a rousing "State of the Jurisdiction" message as he delivered the official 2012 Episcopal address. During his address, Bishop Schnase covered "Who We Are," "What We Do." "What We've Been Working On" and "Where We Are Headed" as a Jurisdiction. Some of the message was thrilling and affirming and some of it was sobering and eye-opening at best, but all of it served to inspire those who heard to dig deep, remember who we are, who's we are and what we can and will accomplish if we stay true to our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. You can view the 2012 Episcopal Address below or by visiting gntv.info/live/scj2

Click here to download the powerpoint presentation used in the Episcopal Address above.