Help SWAT Malaria on World Malaria Day April 25

By now you are well aware that Imagine No Malaria is the extraordinary and comprehensive effort of the people of The United Methodist Church to eradicate malaria in Africa. By putting our faith into action and live into our promise to stamp out killer diseases of poverty by improving health globally, the impact of malaria has been cut in half. Now malaria claims a life in Africa every 60 seconds.
That’s right, every minute of every day another child, another mother, another brother or sister is lost to a preventable disease. While that sounds as tragic as it is, it is still a vast improvement compared just a few years ago. So YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE, but we must continue to fight the good fight of faith and continue to help train local health workers in the area, plan and implement malaria eradication programs, deliver bed nets and partner with local African communities, U.S. and global departments of health and other non-profit organizations (Nothing But Nets, Nets for Life, UNICEF, Red Cross, etc.).
One way that you can help is to let your voice be heard and speak up for the children of Africa via a simple text message.
World Malaria Day is Wednesday, April 25. On this day (or anytime before) is asking you to text the word SWAT to 27722 and sign the petition heading to Washington, D.C. urging action from the U.S. Congress to preserve U.S. global health funds until we can end preventable diseases like malaria.
Actually there are several ways to raise your voice on this issue. You can…
  1. Join the SWAT Team: Text SWAT to 27722 and sign the petition to save lives. Imagine No Malaria will bring it to Washington D.C. and make sure your voice is heard.
  2. Send an email: Visit the Action Center to send an e-mail to your elected officials! Include your own personal message or use the template on the page to help.
  3. Can you hear us now? Call 202-224-3121 to leave a message and let your elected officials know that you believe Global Health Funding is important and should be protected in the U.S. budget.
  4. Put pen to paper and revive the forgotten letter: An old-fashioned letter is so rarely used anymore that it can be a very effective tool to get noticed. There is a good template on the site that you can use to get started! Click here to view and download our advocacy letter.
Visit for more information and helpful tips when contacting elected officials.
No single organization can beat malaria. It takes the comprehensive efforts of many to stamp out this killer disease. The Imagine No Malaria advocacy network urges support from the U.S. Congress to protect funding for malaria programs in Africa.
Since 2007, the people of the Central Texas Conference have given $428,864 via official conference donations to help stamp out the killer disease of malaria.
  • $191,441 to Nothing But Nets (2007-2010)
  • $237,423 to Imagine No Malaria (2010-2012)
Imagine No Malaria is The United Methodist Church’s comprehensive effort to end death and suffering from malaria. Nothing But Nets remains a critical and successful component of the overall campaign against malaria. Working closely with leaders in global health, Imagine No Malaria provides a holistic approach in the fight against malaria beyond just providing mosquito nets that includes prevention, education and better access to treatment.