Dr. Michael McKee Endorsed as the Central Texas Conference Candidate for the Episcopacy

The Annual Conference of Central Texas has officially and enthusiastically endorsed the Reverend Dr. Michael McKee as the conference's nominee for the episcopacy in 2012. The official affirmation of Dr. McKee’s candidacy for Bishop echoes the previously announced endorsement of the Central Texas General and Jurisdictional Conference delegations.

In a statement from the floor of Annual Conference in support of Dr. McKee, Tom Harkrider, lay head of the Central Texas General and Jurisdictional Conference delegations, shared some of the process behind the delegation’s unanimous decision to support Dr. McKee’s episcopal candidacy.
“Your delegation developed a seven-step discernment process for episcopal endorsement,” explained Mr. Harkrider. “The process includes identifying important traits, gifts and skills for an episcopal leader. After engaging in this process – with the assistance of Dr. Mike Young as facilitator – and a period of prayer and discernment, we unanimously endorsed Dr. Mike McKee as our candidate for bishop in the United Methodist Church.”
The qualities and characteristics discerned and discussed by the delegation in their seven-step process included:
  • Visionary (perceptive, imaginative, God led, risk taker)
  • Authentic (honorable, transparent, truthful)
  • Effective Ministry (proven track record)
  • Relational (engaged, empathetic, pastoral)
  • Spiritual (grounded in scripture, faithful, shepherd)
In an impromptu statement following the vote to endorse his candidacy – a vote that passed with no objections – a humbled and honored Dr. McKee said, “You have honored me by affirming and endorsing my candidacy for the episcopacy. During the last few months, it has been a privilege to have conversations with the laity and clergy who will serve as delegates to the South Central Jurisdictional Conference. I have come away from those conversations with great hope about the future of the United Methodist Church. There is a focus and commitment to serve Christ in the communities throughout our region. I know that the passionate and faithful laity and clergy with whom I have spoken are dedicated to the renewal of the church and its witness for Christ in the communities we serve.”
Dr. McKee is a hands-on senior pastor who is highly involved and committed to the mission and ministry of the local church. He has spent the last 36 years forming and building upon his relationships with the people of the local churches he has served, the Central Texas Conference and across the connection as a whole. Mike’s collaborative leadership style has encouraged and energized congregations all across the Central Texas Conference, as well as The United Methodist Church in general.
To read a more in-depth report of Dr. McKee’s ministry and gifts, visit www.ctcumc.org/mikemckee2012, or his blog at mikemckee.org