New TV Documentary Takes a Powerful Look at New Anti-Hunger Efforts in the U.S.

by Vance Morton*

“The truth is that in America right now, in our current economy, people who used to donate to food pantries now find themselves standing in line.”
“It’s not optional to feed the hungry. It is a commandment.”
“The way that I’ve seen young people handling the issue of hunger is that they actually think they can solve it.”
The quotes above are among the powerful opening lines of a new interfaith documentary that focuses on some of the new ways to feed the hungry sprouting up in the U.S.  “A Piece of Bread: Faith, Food and the Futureis a compelling and heart-felt look at how young – and the young at heart – faith leaders in the United States are trying to finally make a dent in this country’s 49 million people that are experiencing hunger – 17 million of which are children.

The documentary (you can view the opening sequence of the documentary from Diva Communications by clicking the Vimeo player above) explores the work not only of the steadfast caregivers in soup kitchens and food pantries, but also that of a new generation of anti-hunger activists – all of whom driven by faith to forge a brighter future. The feature also discusses how agricultural sustainability, social network community building and the advocacy of reshaping food policies are just some of the ways in which faith based groups are bringing a new perspective to an old problem.

Among the segments in “A Piece of Bread” that highlight the work being done you’ll find…
A Piece of Bread: Faith, Food and the Future” will begin air in syndication on ABC affiliates throughout the country beginning Nov. 20. However, at last report, there are only two stations that serve communities n the Central Texas Conference with plans to air the documentary - KXXV TV25 in Waco and WFAA TV08 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Here are the stations in Texas with plans to show it (and if you happen to be in the area, check the air times as you might want to set your DVR unless you are quite the early riser)
KTRK TV13          KTRE TV09            KMID TV02          KSAT TV12           KLTV TV07          KXXV TV25          WFAA TV08          KVIA TV07
Houston, TX          Lufkin, TX               Midland, TX           San Antonio, TX     Tyler, TX               Waco, TX              Dallas/Ft. Worth    El Paso, TX
11/26 3:55 a.m.     11/27 10:30 a.m.    11/26  5 a.m.         11/27  5 a.m.         11/27  10:30 a.m.  11/27 12:30 p.m.    12/2   3:10 a.m.     12/25  5 a.m.
National Hunger and Homelessness week is November 12-20, and the producers of the documentary are urging viewers to call their local ABC affiliate and ask that the show be aired.


*Vance is the director of communications for the Central Texas Conference.