10 Days & 10 Ways for You to be Counted

by Vance Morton*
The United Methodist Church, through UMCOR, is on the ground locally and globally, helping people after disasters. What are these workers experiencing? What issues are they facing and how are they making a difference?

If these are questions that you may have had in the past when you’ve been asked to support UMCOR or were wondering how the United Methodist Church is involved around the world, you have an unique opportunity to learn more about that and even get involved.
Beginning Monday, October 10, join us daily for 10-Fold, a 10-day multimedia experience that spotlights 10 powerful ways The United Methodist Church is making an impact worldwide. Each day will have a new featured project. Those projects are:
For ten days, Oct. 10-19, you can log on d aily to 10-fold.org, to explore each day’s featured project. See live webcasts and videos, read powerful stories and learn ways you, your church, your neighborhood and on and on can join the effort. You can even text “10Fold” to 30644 to get the most current 10-Fold info on your mobile phone (ctcumc editors note: we haven’t been able to confirm, so assume that standard text rates apply). Plus, when you click to BE COUNTED on the 10-Fold site, the programs sponsors will give $1 to the day’s initiative—just because you visited.

Please share 10-Fold with your family, friends and congregation and use its resources to engage them in this online event. For your convenience, 10-fold has created a toolkit to answer questions and provide suggestions for how to get people involved.


*Vance is the director of communications for the Central Texas Conference. vance@ctcumc.org