A Crash Course on Customer Service

by Rev. Randy Wild*

In the corporate world it is called customer service. In the church world we call it radical hospitality. In reality, it is the Golden Rule and the manifestation of God’s Love!!
I would like to share with you a video produced by WalkTheTalk.com that I came across on the Simple Truths website. It’s a three-minute (OK, 2 minutes and 52 seconds to be exact) crash course on the most important words in the vocabulary of our Conference Service Center team. It's a simple, but powerful explanation about making others feel loved. Simply replace the word “customer” in the video with visitor, church member, friends, etc. and get a great example of how simple it really is to make those you encounter feel welcomed and loved.

Just click here or on the image below to view the video. Enjoy and don’t forget to pay and pray it forward!!!

*Randy is the executive director for the CTC Center for Mission Support and the Conference Secretary and Benefits Officer. randy@ctcumc.org