2012 Financial Planning Workbooks Available


by David Stinson*
If you are a pastor, treasurer, financial secretary, finance chairperson, PPR chairpersons and/or involved in the financially planning/reporting process for your congregation, the following is for you.
As we all know, change has characterized the Central Texas Conference this year – new and fewer districts, new district offices, new personnel and structure in the Conference office are but a few of the many changes brought to life through the Exodus Project. As you look for your church’s decimal and apportionment in this year’s Financial Planning Workbook, you will notice that the change continues into 2012.
The 2012 Financial Planning Workbook (formerly called District Stewards Workbook) is available for viewing and downloading from the Apportionments page under the Administration part of the Center for Mission Support tab of the ctcumc.org website. Just click here, and look for the Financial Planning Workbooks section highlighted in red and then click on your district. If the preceding hyperlink doesn’t work for you, just cut and paste the following into your browser: http://ctsite.brickriver.com/pages/detail/1032
In addition to your church’s apportionments for 2012, the workbooks contain information about the Conference budget, Special Day Offering dates and descriptions, district budget, pension and insurance, website resources and the decimal calculation. 
*David is the Comptroller & Treasurer for the Central Texas Conference.   DavidStinson@ctcumc.org