Epworth Youth Return from Youth 2011 as Champions

by Vance Morton* and Leanne Johnston**
The youth of Epworth UMC recently returned from Youth 2011 at Purdue University with more than memories and life-altering experiences. They arrived back in Arlington, Texas as the 2011 Champions of the Wesleyan Quadrilateral Competition (WQC) - a quiz competition with questions concerning scripture, experience, reason and tradition. [Pictured in the photo right are Allison Cyrier, Katie Donaldson, Suzanne Winter (second row), Amy Miller, Lacy Pulliam, Susan McConnell (second row), and Emily Stone.] “We are super proud!!!” said a beaming Susan McConnell, director of Youth/College Ministries Epworth UMC. (Ok, we don’t know if she was actually “beaming” as this information was shared via e-mail, but the three exclamation points were enough to justify a little poetic license on our part.) Click here to read the post on the CTCYM blog.
Youth 2011 is the national youth gathering for the United Methodist Church. It is an event that only happens every four years and is the largest single gathering of UMC youth in existence. The four-day conference brings together top United Methodist leaders as well as the best ecumenical speakers, bands and talent with thousands of youth from all around the nation. This year, there were at least 3,700 youth attending from more than 250 churches in 41 states plus the Philippines. According to Susan, the youth form Epworth took full advantage of the experience and didn’t spend all their time prepping for the WQC. “We also experienced exciting worship and attended terrific workshops and small groups.” She also added, “ There were only three or four churches from CTC [able to attend], so I hope more churches from our conference can attend when it is held again in four years.”
*Vance is the director of communications for the Central Texas Conference  vance@ctcumc.org
**Leanne is the youth and young adults specialist for the Central Texas Conference  leannejohnston@ctcumc.org