Finally! Videos from Annual Conference Available for Download

“And so, after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised.” (Hebrews 6:15 NIV)

Adam Hamilton teaches with passion during Annucal Conference 2011While the promise of downloadable videos from this year’s annual conference pales in comparison to the promise God made Abraham, the patience shown by the people of the Central Texas Conference has been remarkable as you have waited a month for something that should have been available much more quickly. However, due to an unforeseen and almost unimaginable parade of technical issues, the process of editing, producing and delivering the videos from Annual Conference 2011 has been challenging. That is why we are quite pleased to be able to report that we seem to have finally successfully outlasted the technical storm and arrived safely on the other side.
The 2011 Laity video brought some tough realities to light at Annual ConferenceIf you follow this link and go to the Video Download Page currently under construction within the website you find links to four videos – all three of Adam Hamilton’s teaching sessions presented during Annual Conference and a video produced by UMC General Council on Finance and Administration showing some eye-opening statistics about growth (or lack thereof) within the United Methodist Church (this is the video that Steve McIver, lay leader, Central Texas Conference, used during his laity address) – as well as some instructions on how to download these videos. Some of the files are rather large, so once again you might need to find your inner-Job and be patient with a long download depending upon your download speed.
In the coming weeks, you’ll find more videos from Annual Conference on this site, like the Ordination service, Bishop Lowry’s “Beyond Aqaba” presentation and a not-to-be missed demonstration of “the Charleston.” So, check back regularly for these and more.
Thanks again for your patience and understanding in the delay in getting these videos to you.