Annual Conference 2011 Video Download Page

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The following are the three sessions from Adam Hamilton's presentations to Annual Conference and the Laity video that Steve McIver, Central Texas Conference Lay Leader, debuted during his laity address in Waco. Thank you all very much for your patience in getting these out to you - I'll bore you with my techinical tales of woe over coffee sometime.
Blessings - J.Vance Morton, Central Texas Conference Director of Communications & IT.
Adam Hamilton 1 (from Annual Conference 2011 opening worship, June 5)
Adam Hamilton 2 (first teaching - day one of Annual Conference, June 6)
Adam Hamilton 3 (second teaching - day one of Annual Conference, June 6)
Laity video
Here are two ways to download the videos above:
If you are using Internet Explorer (since Microsoft is sooooo much smarter than all the rest of us and automatically assumes that you must just want to view the video and would never have any need to save it), then you’ll have to do the following steps:
  1. Right click on the link below you wish to download
  2. Choose Save Target As
  3. Point to wherever on your system you want to save the file
  4. Hit save.
If you are using Firefox or probably any other browser but IE, you should be able to do the following:
  1. click on or cut and paste into your browser any of the following urls
  2. choose save
  3. select the folder on your hard drive where you want to keep the video
  4. click save
The Adam Hamilton files are huge and could take more than two hours to download, so please be patient and plan for that time. The laity video is a much smaller file and should only take a fraction of that time depending upon your download speed.
Please contact or if you have any issues with these downloads and thanks again for your patience and, more importantly, your eagerness and desire to share these teachings with your local community.