Camp Glen Lake Prepares for 2011 Summer Camps

Last month, in an article titled Giving Back and Giving Forward, we let you know that Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center was chosen to receive the 211 Central Texas Annual Conference offering and highlighted other ways that individuals and the local churches throughout the conference could help support the camp – a camp that hosts more than 18,000 children, youth and adults from around the conference each year.

Recently we received a link that tells the story via video of how your donations are transforming and will continue to transform this spiritual setting that has helped thousands of people on their path to a life of servant leadership. Please take a few moments to enjoy this video. Just click here or on the photo below to see the video on YouTube.
Campers Shout to the Lord in Song during a stay at Camp Glen Lake
And here's the latest video from the Camp Glen Lake Team reminding that it still is not too late to sign up for summer camp 2011.
As a reminder, your donations this year will target:
  • Replacing or covering 400 mattresses, a need with a rapidly approaching deadline since the first week of summer camp begins Sunday, June 12;
  • As many as 250 scholarships for campers. Last year Glen Lake provided more than $18,000 in scholarship money and this year there are three new family camps. These scholarships allow the camp to open the Gospel of Jesus Christ to approximately 1,000 economically challenged campers who otherwise would not be able to attend.
  • Long over-due maintenance and upkeep on Glen Lake Camp and the Still Water Lodge facilities For instance, the “new” cabins, lodges and dining facilities are now 15 years old and there are many other structural and safety concerns that must be addressed. Beyond financial contributions, the camp could also employ skilled and semi-skilled volunteer groups, both your financial and time contributions would make a profound difference in GLC’s maintenance and repair costs.