Giving Back and Giving Forward


Giving Back and Giving Forward
Glen Lake Camp & Retreat Center in Glen Rose has been named recipient of the 2011 Central Texas Annual Conference offering.
More than 18,000 children, youth and adults visit the campsite each year for meetings, retreats and as part of the summer and mid-year camping and retreat programs.
Besides the Annual Conference offering, which will be received during the June 5-8 meeting in Waco, the folks at Glen Lake Camp will be asking individuals and local churches for a variety of other gifts. Over an eight-week period, GLC will be asking YOU to become a member of the Glen Lake Gift of the Week Club. By the way, if the time has passed, contact Glen Lake to see if you can catch up with your “gifts” of memories and actions.
Week 1
Glen Lake Camp wants to hear your stories. If you came to Glen Lake Camp in 1939 or anytime after that, or if you came to Still Water Lodge last weekend or anytime before that, act now to share your story. Contact Rev. Kay Hawkins, GLC’s executive director, at with your memories — playful, poignant or profound. If you don’t “write,” call the camp at 254-897-2247 and ask for Curtis or Seth. They will arrange to come visit you and record your memory. The deadline is April 20.
 Week 2
Glen Lake Camp wants to know what you have given in the past (time, talents, money, etc.) to be part of the ministry at Glen Lake in order to celebrate the amazing and sacrificial ways we have come to this day. Don’t miss the May 16 deadline to share your information. Send a note to GLC’s Executive Director Rev. Kay Hawkins at or write to Glen Lake Camp & Retreat Center, P.O. Box 928, Glen Rose 76043.If you don’t write, call the camp at 254-897-2247 and ask for Curtis or Seth. They will arrange to record your story.
Week 3
If you have great memories from a camp experience or retreat time at Glen Lake, share your story! And you can create “memories” for others too. Make sure the children, youth and young families at your church are going to camp this summer. Look around your congregation — what about the “new couple” with children — talk to them about Glen Lake. Send the name and address of your prospective guests and GLC will send them a camp brochure. Better yet, direct them to GLC’s website at and point out the ease of online registration. Commit this week to contact at least three families in your church, your extended family or neighborhood. The deadline is April 29.
Week 4
You can be a part of Glen Lake Camp Sunday on May 1. GLC’s Board of Directors has designated May 1 to be Glen Lake Camp Sunday in the Central Texas Conference. Here’s how you can help:
•  By doing your share to register at least 1,200 children, youth and family campers on May 1.
•  By committing to contribute at least $150 on may to help sponsor a camper. For every $150 you contribute on May, your sponsored camper will receive a $10 “cash card” for crafts, snacks and camp gear during their week at camp.
Your generosity will help make summer camp possible for every child in the conference. Mail your check or contribute online at The deadline in May. 1.
How Sharing Your Gifts Will Make a Difference
Yes, Glen Lake Camp has a long and remarkable impact on the people of the Central Texas Conference. This spiritual setting has helped thousands people to choose a life of servant leadership — some in ordained ministry and others in lay roles. But that long history means there are significant needs for maintaining our beloved Glen Lake. This year’s offering will target:
            •   Mattress covers ($23,000) which area needed for the first week of summer camp starting Sunday, June 12.
            •   Scholarships for campers ($25,000). Last year Glen Lake provided over $18,000 in scholarship money from the camp’s operating funds. This year there are three new family camps. By providing scholarship money for the families of campers with limited income, we are offering the Gospel of Jesus Christ to approximately 1,000 campers who might not otherwise be able to attend. And, Glen Lake Camp can begin to make small steps toward operating without a deficit.
            •   Deferred maintenance on Glen Lake Camp and for the Still Water Lodge facilities ($500,000) plus the “new” cabins, lodges and dining facilities are now 15 years old. Still Water Lodge could use a structurally sound retaining wall. The Smith and dining hall leak! There are trees that threaten the roofs of many of the buildings. Financial contributions — combined with skilled and semi-skilled volunteer groups — would make a profound difference in GLC’s maintenance and repair costs.