Imagine No Malaria

INM Blog Updates
Watch here for regular blog updates on the Imagine No Malaria initiative in the Central Texas Conference. Jeremy Kasper, field representative for Imagine No Malaria, has been visiting with local churches across the conference area and will be sharing details on the advancements our churches are making.

Imagine No Malaria Lenten Devotional
With the Conference’s emphasis on Imagine No Malaria, this opportunity for daily Lenten devotionals may be one way that we individually and collectively stay focused on the reason why it is so important to beat this dreaded disease.
Every day, thousands of families in Africa lose loved ones because of malaria. As we celebrate the season of Lent, we invite you to be renewed through the Imagine No Malaria Lenten Devotional. (Sign up for the daily devotionals at ). This spiritual resource will be sent via e-mail and provide a daily centering moment for each of the 40 days of Lent, connecting each of us with the people of Africa.

Information & Resources for Local Churches
Join the denominations efforts to overcome malaria. Learn more about the special initiative, resources for your church group, how to get involved/host a house party, donate, and much more, click on
NBC Special Focuses Malaria / Check for Your Local Station
On both sides of the ocean, people are working to end a disease that takes the life of a child every 45 seconds. An NBC special TV program, "A Killer in the Dark: An Extraordinary Effort to Combat Malaria <> " ( discusses efforts being undertaken by UMs and others to achieve this goal. Presented by the National Council of Churches and produced by UM Communications, the program will be available to local NBC affiliates starting May 1. Church members can contact their local stations and ask them to schedule "A Killer in the Dark."
Imagine No Malaria Webinar Available
In case you missed the Imagine No Malaria webinar held in February, it is now available online at <> . Included in the presentation is an overview of the program as well as specific plans for 2011, including house parties--a grassroots fundraising effort that can be held by anyone at any time.