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Rolling Down the Road of Change!

More than 60 conference leaders – lay and clergy – recently travelled from the five corners of the Central Texas Conference and gathered at First United Methodist Hillsboro for a three-hour training session around the implementation and progress of the conference’s new organizational structure as prescribed in the Exodus Project. Follow this link to read more.


The staff has been finalized and is ready to get busy on its mission of Energizing and Equipping Local Churches to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World. Click here to meet the gang.
Bishop Mike Lowry Names New Alignment Center Directors and Superintendents
In two separate statements, Bishop Mike Lowry has named key leadership for the Central Texas Conferences’ new alignment as defined in The Exodus Project: A Transformational Roadmap.
Center Directors
In mid-December 2010 Bishop Lowry said, “I am pleased to announce the center directors who will be taking office at the Annual Conference session in June.” They are:
  • Assistant to the bishop and Executive Director of the Center for Leadership — Dr. Georgia Adamson
  • District superintendent for New Church Starts and Executive Director of the Center for Evangelism & Church Growth — Rev. Gary Lindley
  • Executive Director for the Center for Mission Support — Rev. Randy Wild
 “In making this announcement, I also wish to extend special honor and recognition to Rev. Harvey Ozmer who comes to the end of a full six-year term as the director of Stewardship, Finance & Administration,” stated Bishop Lowry. “Rev. Ozmer has provided invaluable leadership to the Central Texas Conference, especially in the areas of pensions and health insurance.”
In mid-January, Bishop Lowry named the following superintendents to districts in the new alignment:
  •  North District — Rev. Dr. Virginia Bassford
  • South District — Rev. Rankin Koch
  • Central District — Rev. Don Scott
  • East District — Dr. Bob Holloway
  • West District — Rev. Carol Woods
Bishop Lowry said these appointments were made “after prayer and deep thought. In addition, I have asked Dr. Luther Henry to serve as a special consultant to myself and to the Cabinet on matters of inclusivity and diversity. He has graciously consented to do so, and will be a part of all Appointive Cabinet meetings.
“As we look to a new future implementing The Exodus Project alignment, there remains much work and deep change before us,” he said. “Throughout this process, I believe we must hold fast to the promise of the Lord: ‘For I know the plans I have for you — plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” (Jeremiah 29:11)