Exodus Project Underway

A Message from Bishop Mike Lowry
I am pleased to announce the Center Directors for the Central Texas Conference. They will be taking office at the Annual Conference session in June 2011 (appointment effective date of June 1, 2011).

            • Assistant to the Bishop and Executive Director of the Center for Leadership:
            Dr. Georgia Adamson
            • District Superintendent for New Church Starts and Executive Director of the Center for Evangelism & Church Growth:
            Rev. Gary Lindley
            • Executive Director of the Center for Mission Support:
            Rev. Randy Wild
In making this announcement, I also wish to extend special honor and recognition to Rev. Harvey Ozmer who comes to the end of a full six-year term as the Director of Stewardship, Finance & Administration. Rev. Ozmer has provided invaluable leadership to the Central Texas Conference, especially in the areas of pension and health insurance.
Announcements for District Superintendents will be released on Jan. 15, 2011.