CTC Team at Red Bird Mission

The cold wind will not blow through the cracks and holes of the Curry house this winter. The frigid air will look for a place to enter, but it will be stopped because of the work of a team of volunteers to the Red Bird Mission.

The construction team from the Central Texas Conference consisted of nine women and one very patient man. The team arrived at Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Ky., on Oct. 3 after a day of travel from their respective churches in Arlington, Benbrook, Burleson, Cleburne, Acton and McGregor to become one in serving the Lord.
The group gathered in the evening to meet up with other teams from Delaware to Tennessee and places in between. From the Body of Christ came those eager to work and help others in need.
And work they did. They carried, measured and cut heavy sheetrock and attached it to the ceilings; used electrical saws with no loss of limbs; stuffed and mudded holes big enough to put your first through; cut and nailed wall boards and corner rounds on irregular walls and floors; and painted ceilings and walls.
There is another kind of warmth that can be felt in the Curry home this winter. It comes from the team’s expression of God’s love for them left on the newly painted walls. At the request of the family, the crew leader made a frame out of corner round and nailed it into the wall. Framed in that space are the signatures and messages of those who went to serve, work and ask God’s blessings on this home.
Team members said their hearts burned with the warmth of God’s presence in their work and in their relationships with each other. This winter, the Curry family will look upon their wall and bask in the warmth of God’s love.
Red Bird Mission is nestled in the Kentucky Mountains where thousands of volunteers gather every year to serve those in need and to share the love of Christ. The mission serves the people of the Appalachians through the ministries of health care, work camps, community outreach, education and a community store offering low-cost and free items.
Others who are interested in serving the Red Bird Mission are urged to contact Rev. Dawne McAlpin Phillips at 817-326-4242 for future mission trips. You can also serve at home by collecting brand labels (see www.rbmission.org/support/collectibles.php for details) and giving through the Red Bird Mission Advance #773716, Red Bird Mission School Advance #773728 or Red Bird Clinic Advance #773724.