Lake Shore UMC members raise funds with Spaghetti for Haiti event


By George & May Wang
Spaghetti for Haiti Organizers
Lake Shore United Methodist Church Ministry
When pictures of the devastating earthquake in Haiti on Jan. 12 appeared on television in our living rooms, regardless of religious persuasion, one would be led to ask: “What can I (or we) do to help?” First action is to send monetary assistance.
The devastation is enormous. Some 250,000 people in Haiti died as result of the earthquake and about one million people are now homeless.
Lake Shore United Methodist Church could not physically be on site to help, but we could certainly participate locally. Spaghetti for Haiti was chosen to express the nature and purpose of a fundraising event with hopes that others in the Waco community would want to join in the venture.
There was concern that we would not have enough volunteers, but we simply trusted God to lead us in this mission adventure on May 15.
The result was 14 volunteers selling tickets, 11 cooking and baking, 10 serving the meal and five washing pots and pans.
Altogether, 20 people, or 40 percent of our average Sunday attendance, hoped with one task or another. It is satisfying to see the response to the call of “labor and love.
We had a joyful and noisy time serving 148 meals, 97 of those as dine-in guests and 30 takeouts. We sold 209 tickets — 197 in advance and 12 at the door.
We were able to send $1,584 to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) advance special for Haiti, with $1,430 from ticket sales and $154 from donations. Our church members donated expenses for the food and drinks.
We at Lake Shore UMC in Waco are prayerfully thankful for the opportunity to extend God’s love to the people of Haiti through the efforts of UMCOR.