Faith in Action - Morningside UMC

On the way to participating in the Central Texas Conference’s Great Day of Service April 10, Alicia Wrice, surprised herself as she, without hesitation, responded to a potentially tragic situation. 

Alicia and her youth sponsor, Emma Clegg, observed a dark cloud of smoke coming from a burning tree in someone’s backyard. Upon closer investigation, they realized that the fire from the burning tree was quickly advancing towards the house. 
When Alicia saw a woman trying to enter the house, she got out of the car to stop the distressed woman who feared losing all her belongings. 
Alicia’s show of compassion and good will eventually calmed the woman. She called 911 and contacted the woman’s daughter. Alicia couldn’t stop the house from burning but she saved something far more valuable – a human life. Her actions exemplify the true meaning of the ‘Great Day of Service program. 
Alicia is a 14-year-old youth who is active at Morningside United Methodist church’s MYF program.