40 Days of Prayer

Prayers written by the youth and youth workers of the Central Texas Conference form the collection of prayers that will lead our youth through 40 days of preparation and the sending forth for their summer of mission outreach (CTCYM).

40 Days of Prayer for Youth begins April 28 and culminates in the final prayer being read Sunday, June 6, as part of the 2010 Annual Conference opening worship at First United Methodist Church in downtown Fort Worth.
Believing that prayer is a powerful tool for ministry, the conference Student Leadership Team is drawing on prayer to further their ministry of energizing and equipping the local church in the area of youth ministry.
In his opening letter to the 40 Days of Prayer guidebook, SLT President Ethan Gregory says, “We will be praying to support every local church youth group in their mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world … to support courage and strength for every youth in every local church … for every youth group engaging in missions with their church, their community and around the world … for further connection with our districts and within our Annual Conference.”
You can follow along with our youth by downloading the 40 Days of Prayer guidebook at www.ctcumc.org/pages/detail/910 (large file) or check the http://ctcyouthministry.wordpress1.com/ blog for the prayers on a daily basis. You may also look for it on Facebook at 40 Days of Prayer and on Twitter at CTC40days.
For a small sampling of the prayers:
Day 2: God, please help us to grow as leaders in the church. We know that the future of our church depends on our generation. Help us to grow in our faith and wisdom so that we may be well equipped to lead and bring others to you, Lord.
Day 3: Awesome God, we are your disciples. We are ministers of your word. We are a part of your kingdom. We encounter those who discredit us because of our youthfulness, but we look up to you. We live our lives loving you and our neighbors. Give us strength to proclaim your word to those who need to hear it. Allow our actions to be mimicked by those who are unaware. Allow our love to be unconditional. Allow our faith never to grow weak. Allow us to stay strong always. Lord, we know who we are and we know what you call us to do. Allow us to look around and see the world around us. Allow us to recognize our presence is needed more than ever.
Day 5: Help us to see the light in ourselves that we may show it to the world. Through times of joy and sorrow, help us to hear you and to let you guide every thought, every word, and every action. Remind us to let our light shine for you everyday.