Four More Years! Bishop Lowry Reassigned to Central Texas by SCJC16

The clock was close to striking midnight in Wichita, Kansas before the delegates, observers, staff and guests of the 2016 South Central Jurisdictional Conference (SCJC16) learned who would be serving as the episcopal leader for their Annual Conference. The CTC delegation applauded and cheered when Episcopacy Committee Chair Don House announced that Bishop Mike Lowry was being recommended for assignment to the Central Texas Conference – a recommendation that was unanimously approved by the body of the SCJC16 moments later.
The announcement and affirming vote, which officially took place at 11:37 p.m., Friday, July 15, was met with excitement, thankfulness and relief by both Bishop and Mrs. Lowry. “I’m delighted to have been reassigned for a third quadrennium to Central Texas. I feel like God has answered our prayers,” remarked Bishop Lowry as he exchanged hugs and well wishes with members of the CTC delegation. 

“[Jolynn and I] had an indication that we would be getting to remain in the Central Texas Conference,” Bishop Lowry continued. “Bishops are itinerant just like the clergy of local churches, so you never know until you know. Ya know? We are thrilled, just thrilled to be staying in Central Texas. I’ll see you in the office on Monday.”
Besides Bishop Lowry, nine other bishops were assigned to the Annual Conferences of the South Central Jurisdiction, including three newly elected bishops – Bishops Ruben Saenz Jr., Jimmy Nunn and Bob Farr. Here is a listing of who is going where.
+ Current Bishop moving to a new conference / * Newly elected Bishop
Arkansas Gary Mueller
Central Texas Mike Lowry
Great Plains Ruben Saenz, Jr. *
Louisiana Cynthia F. Harvey
Missouri Bob Farr*
New Mexico/ Northwest Texas Earl Bledsoe
North Texas Mike Mckee
Oklahoma / OK Indian Missionary James "Jimmy" Nunn*         
Rio Texas Robert Schnase+
Texas Scott Jones+