#WeAreMore Campaign Highlights The Church in Action

The bishops of the South Central Jurisdiction have joined together to produce a campaign focused on stories that connect people and proclaim that #WeAreMore when united through Jesus Christ. We Are More than 10 days in Portland. We Are More than any of our disagreements regarding hot button issues on which the press will likely focus. We Are More than budgets, sub-committees and procedural changes. We Are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ – a bright and shining beacon of hope in a bruised and battered world.

“People seem to be anxiously bracing themselves as we draw near to General Conference 2016,” said Bishop Robert Schnase, episcopal leader of the Missouri Annual Conference. “Some hope for change, others fear division, and most feel uncertain about what may happen. We wanted to inspire people to remember that discipleship in Jesus Christ is more than buildings and structures, more than those in worship, more than The United Methodist Church, even more than the issues that divide us.”
“Regardless of what happens at General Conference, United Methodists will continue to be called by God to ministries that transform lives, ministries that offer hope to an anguished world, that relieve suffering, and that offer God’s grace to everyone,” stated Bishop Lowry, episcopal leader of the Central Texas Conference.
In consultation with each other and the Communications teams of the conferences that make up the South Central Jurisdiction (SCJ), the SCJ College of Bishops designed #WeAreMore to engage the people of the local churches through sharing and listening to one another’s stories.
“Sharing stories of how God uses ordinary people and works through ordinary congregations each and every day reminds us not to forget the kingdom work needed in the days following General Conference,” remarked Bishop Schnase.
The campaign features video, audio and microblog-style stories of the Holy Spirit at work in and through the people of the UMC. Be it a remembrance of how someone had their life changed by being a part of the family of Jesus Christ or how they participated in a life-changing mission with and for others or…anyone can upload their story via at www.wearemore.faith for consideration in the campaign. Look for #WeAreMore stories on ctcumc.org and across the conference, district and local church social media networks.
“This is a campaign that we would like to see gain momentum across the global connection,” Bishop Lowry commented. “We hope people will feel free to watch, download and share these stories in their social media networks, feature them in their worship services and small groups, as well as upload their own #WeAreMore stories of how the Holy Spirit is working among us.”
The #WeAreMore team will be in Portland, OR during General Conference May 11-12 in the Exhibitor Hall, Oregon Ballroom Lobby capturing video and audio stories for the campaign, which is expected to run throughout the summer at a minimum. Check back to ctcumc.org/WeAreMore regularly to see what’s new.
The Bishops of the South Central Jurisdiction represent United Methodists in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The Bishops include Bishop Earl Bledsoe (Northwest Texas-New Mexico), Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey (Louisiana), Bishop Robert Hayes Jr. (Oklahoma- Oklahoma Indian Missionary), Bishop Janice Riggle Huie (Texas), Bishop Scott Jones (Great Plains), Bishop Michael Lowry (Central Texas), Bishop Michael McKee (North Texas), Bishop Gary Mueller (Arkansas) and Bishop Robert Schnase (Missouri).

Antidote, a St. Louis-based media agency, developed the campaign in relationship with the South Central Jurisdiction episcopal leaders.