God's Gift of the Earth

The world marks Earth Day each year on April 22 in many ways. This year, United Methodist Communications is commemorating the event with a video featuring stunning images of nature set to a beautiful prayer written by United Methodist Bishop Ken Carter. (Bishop Carter penned the poem in 2005 when he was a pastor in North Carolina.)

All United Methodists are called to be good stewards of the planet. One of our Social Principles about the Natural World explains that "All creation is the Lord's, and we are responsible for the ways in which we use and abuse it. Water, air, soil, minerals, energy resources, plants, animal life and space are to be valued and conserved because they are God's creation and not solely because they are useful to human beings."

Please enjoy the below and share it with your friends, church or anyone you feel needs to reminded of the beauty that is God's creation of Earth.