Morris Walker Award Recipients





J. N. Patterson
Richard W. Jenkins
  1976 Joe Weaver Bob Briles
  1977 W.E. Dunn J.D. Phillips
  1978 Forrest Markward Uriah Stegman, Jr.
  1979 C.A. Shine Jim Chandler
  1980 Charlene Parks Clyde E. Zellers, Jr.
  1981 J.L. LaGrone Bob Bowling
  1982 Warren Green Reed C. Justus
  1983 Nancy Brown & David Harkrider A.L. Cronk
  1984 None  
  1985 None  
  1986 LaFron Thompson Verne Fuqua
  1987 Ross Senter Richard G. Penna
  1988 James R. Emanuel Louis Shambeck
  1989 Ron Worley Jerden Davis
  1990 Arch Coleman Tim Walker
  1991 Odessa Weir Ben Disney & Gary Lindley
  1992 E. Dale Herring Georgia Adamson
  1993 Sandi Walter Robert E. Messer
  1994 Elizabeth Lavender Stephen Ramsdell
  1995 Douglas Benold & Lillie Payne Ken Diehm
  1996 Leroy Chism Ann Hitt
  1997 Grant Jacobs John E. McKellar
  1998 Mildred Townsend Stephen Schmidt
  1999 George Brightwell Jerry Chism
  2000 Michael Springer Thomas Childs
  2001 Pearl Carpenter John Robbins
  2002 Tom Harkrider Marie Helm
  2003 Edna Davis Tom Robbins
  2004 Martha Harris & Bob Bull Quinton Gibson
  2005 Steve McIver Brenda Wier
  2006 Sandra Oliver Brian Young
  2007 Troy Chapman Raul Gutierrez
  2008 Jack Teddlie Hubert Austin
  2009 Diane Griffin Mary Gean Cope
  2010 Reece McIver Page Hines
  2011 Hiram Smith Mike Ramsdell
  2012 Bliss Dodd  
  2013 Darcy Deupree Will Cotton
  2014 Pat & Patricia Stroman  
  2015 Cynthia Rives  
  2016 Pam Phinney  
  2017 Ed Komandosky  
  2018 Pamela Pinkerton-Whitley  
  2019 Kim Simpson  
  2020 [no award due to abbreviated AC20]  
  2021 Scott Green  
  2022 Sally Loebig  
  2023 Fannette Welton  
*The Morris DeLaney Walker Award was established in 1973 with the intent of honoring and acknowledging an outstanding layperson who demonstrated the distinguished and exemplary service to their local church, community and conference as modeled by Mr. Walker. The award includes a $500 scholarship for continuing spiritual education. Though the award has been bestowed on both outstanding laity and clergy since 1975, the decision was made in 2014 to go back to the original intent and reserve it only for the laypersons of the CTC.