MLK Day 2022 - A Message of Acceptance, Equality, Unity and Justice

"His words mattered then and they still matter today."

Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. offers a video message in celebration of the life, work and impact of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of Martin Luther King Day 2022 . As he reflects on the significance of MLK Day, a day first commemorated in 1986, Bishop Saenz reminds just how relevant Dr. King's message of acceptance, equality, unity, and justice is for today.


"We are all experiencing the spiritual, mental, and relational impact of chronic divisiveness in all spheres of our lives — within our families, churches, communities, nation, and world," states Bishop Saenz. "[Dr. King] reminded a nation and the world that all God's children are of persons of sacred worth, with a divine right to achieve their God-given potential. He moved a nation to justice with the power of his words. His words captured the pain and hopes of people and lifted the country to new heights of peaceful possibilities. And his vision for the beloved community is a beacon of light, a possible dream that still shines just beyond the horizon for us, a goal for which we still strive as a society. His words mattered then and still matter today."

Please click on the player below to view Bishop Saenz MLK Day video message to the Central Texas Conference and followers of Jesus Christ everywhere. To download and share this video with your church, small group or on social media, go the the CTC Vimeo page here.