Focus is a two-way investment, “hand-up”, to the willing and self-motivated taking into account their abilities, capacity, exposure and relationships.  Volunteers will build relationships, mentor, share faith and teach/tutor through funded programs and training classes.  Success is measured through the people equipped and relationships built. 

What does it look like? = Services to address individual root causes:

Bible Study Outside Local Church Building


Children Growing Through Mission

You are never too young to serve and even lead in mission!  Read more here…



Encounter with Christ in Latin America and the Caribbean


ESL Classes/GED Classes


Job Readiness

Several of our CTC Churches have engaged in ministry designed to provide guidance and resources for persons who are unemployed or underemployed.  Read about one such ministry here…


Local Schools Beyond Backpacks


Lydia Patterson Institute

Read more here...


Missionary Support 

United Methodist Missionaries come from many places, backgrounds, witness, and serve in different locales and cultures.  They engage in a range of activities and professions.  Read more here on ways you and your church can help support a United Methodist Missionary. 


Refugee Ministry/JFON 

Ever wish people would re-think immigration, or wish you could find information to help refugees in your community? Click here for more information.

Restorative Justice/Prison Ministry

There is a myriad of ways that churches and individual Christians can be involved in restorative ministry. Click here for some of the ways you can be involved within the Central Texas Conference.


ZOE; Helping Orphans & Vulnerable Children Outside the U.S.

Is it possible for orphans and vulnerable children in the world’s financially poorest regions to be empowered so they should never need charity again?  YES it is!  See more information here regarding this three-year empowerment program!