Focus is to develop partnerships in a community to empower the voices of the marginalized, to help increase the wealth-generating assets, further self-sufficiency, and support producers who create opportunities for others.  Volunteers will asset mapping, evaluate leadership structures, help organize community for “Collective Impact”, and measure quality of life outcomes for the community and the church.

What does it look like? =  Strategies to facilitate community development, address systemic injustice and influence church & community culture

Church Leadership Development Models

What happens when planning for worship includes planning for the connection between worship and mission?  Read more here…


Global Health

An amazing part of our UMC connection is our ability to impact communities on the other side of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and the increased capacity to provide life-giving healthcare.  Learn more here…


Habitat for Humanity 

This nonprofit housing organization works toward their vision by building strength, stability and self-reliance in partnership with people and families in need of a decent and affordable home.  Learn more here…


Texas Impact 

Texas Impact is statewide religious grassroots network whose members include individuals, congregations, and governing bodies of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. They are people of faith working for justice.  Learn more here.