Engaging the community and the world for mission and transformation is a process. Jesus says “The poor you will always have with you” (Matthew 26:11), and our mission engagement will always include a component of direct aid for those in need. Many churches are working toward the goal of committing a substantial part of mission resources toward ministries that offer the potential for individual transformation through education and relationships. These ministries might reach fewer persons but have a deeper opportunity for transformation on both sides of the relationship through opportunities for mentoring, faith-sharing and relationship-building. An outcome of relationships with persons in need is a commitment to transformation of both the church and the community. Leadership development, economic development and advocacy opportunities offer the potential to re-design church and community infra-structures and impact systemic injustice. Examples of each of these points on the mission continuum are offered below.

Emergency Relief

Urgent and temporary
emergency aid provisions
to reduce immediate
suffering from a natural
or man-made crisis.

Individual Transformation

Relationship-based ministries
that equip people with the
tools to provide for their basic needs and faith development.

Church Community

Mutually transformative
ministry connections for
local churches and
supportive community
engagement that
furthers self-sufficiency.

Learning and Support

To inform, educate,
connect and resource
local churches reaching
out into the community
and beyond

Volunteers in Mission

What is your first reaction when you see TV news footage of communities in need in the US or around the world?  You want to help!  Before you gather your clothing donations, rush to someone's aid, or try to engage in a mission trip - the first step is to learn how to help and be an effective leader. Click above to learn more!

Disaster Response

The CTC Disaster Response Ministry supports the efforts of our congregations to prepare for and respond to disasters near and far.  We work in the areas of Disaster Preparedness, Early Response, and Emotional & Spiritual Care, and partner with UMCOR. Click on the link above for more information.