Ministry with Persons with Disabilities


 The CTC Resource Team on Accessibility exists to energize and equip local churches to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by ensuring their facilities are accessible for ministry with all persons. The resource team is available to assist a local church Accessibility Team conduct an Accessibility Mini Audit: an aid to assist churches in identifying barriers that can cause persons with disabilities to be excluded from full participation in worship and other congregational ministry. The goal of full accessibility is a continuing process and this audit is a starting point. It is recommended that the local church Accessibility Team includes at least seven persons including the Chair of Trustees, the Pastor, the Lay Leader, persons with disabilities and other persons interested in disability concerns. For information about an Accessibility Audit, contact Katherine Hunter, CTC Mission Coordinator, at


The Disability Ministries Committee of the UMC share an updated version of the Annual Accessibility Audit for Churches. Access the audit HERE .   Churches can score themselves and work toward earning badges as "disability-friendly and accessible" if they meet certain items on the audit.  This program recognizes those churches that have gone the extra mile to become as accessible and inclusive of persons with disabilities as possible.  Your conference Resource Team on Accessibility would be essential in launching and administering this program, and will need to meet before deciding how to move forward.