McCurdy Ministries Community Center

For 103 years, United Methodists have been working in Espanola, New Mexico. McCurdy Ministries is thriving and striving to make an important difference in the Española Valley.  We work in partnership with McCurdy Charter School (MCS) which is located on our campus. 

Our ministries include McCurdy Preschool, Project Cariño (mental health counseling program for MCS students and families), After School Care, Camp Stars (summer camp that combines the best of VBS with STEM education) and our Volunteer Program which welcomes volunteers to our campus from around the country. 

In addition, we are the landlord for McCurdy Charter School which is a two-year-old New Mexico public school educating 543 students in K-12 grades.  We are also the vendor, and financially support the MCS Breakfast and Lunch program.

We recognize that McCurdy Charter School is a public school and McCurdy Ministries is a United Methodist agency, we respect separation of church and state and believe that public-private partnerships like ours are important to the vitality of our community. McCurdy Ministries’ mission is “to surround the students and families of McCurdy Charter School and our community with ministry in the name of Jesus to help students succeed in school and in life.


McCurdy is greatly blessed by the talents, faith and energy that our volunteers bring to our ministry and our volunteers tell us that their lives are transformed and their congregations are renewed as they seek to be the hands of Christ in mission to the Española Valley. New relationships are developed with persons from other cultures and traditional walls of division are torn away as we risk involvement in response to God's call to Christian mission. 

For information on bringing a Volunteer in Mission Team to McCurdy Ministries, please go HERE for more information.