What's New with the New Faith Community Grants for 2021-22

The Smith Center for Evangelism, Mission and Church Growth (CEMCG) exists to help the local churches of the Central Texas Conference reach people we are not already reaching. One of the many ways the CEMCG team assists churches in their disciple making efforts is through the New Faith Community (NFC) initiative, which includes the New Faith Community Grant offerings launched in 2018. The initial NFC Grants offered 100 grants of up to $10,000. To date, 61 of those 100 grants have been given to churches to encourage and assist local churches in finding new ways to reach new people, often in settings that have very little, if anything in common with a traditional church setting.


Now the CEMCG team is ambitiously looking to disperse the remaining 39 grants before the end of June 2022. But they aren’t stopping there. To help churches pivot their ministries to best adapt to a world still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, a new series of grants is being offered to help churches cover the expenses necessary to offer a “hybrid” style of worship and ministry and to continue to connect with people who have discovered faith communities via their online offerings.


In the following video, Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory, Executive Director of the Smith Center for Evangelism, Mission and Church Growth, discusses the NFC Grants in more detail, shares how the conference funds these grants, details how churches can apply and qualify for the grant and more.


Please click on the player above to hear from Leah and then begin praying with the laity and clergy of your church about how God wants to reach people in your community that you are not already reaching.