In the Central Texas Conference, we believe that working with a coach is a key component in leadership development. Just as your personal and professional development incorporates spiritual disciplines, lifelong learning, covenant groups, stewardship, service, discipleship, mentoring, spiritual direction, and counseling, it should also include coaching! The Center for Evangelism, Mission & Church Growth has led the focus on International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach training since 2018. 

You have probably heard the term ‘coach’ or ‘coaching’ used in different contexts. During the Healthy Church Initiative (HCI) coaching was content-specific with coaches offering specific expertise in a variety of congregational development areas. The coaching now offered is based on the co-active model of individual and team coaching. For the past several years, we have worked with Holmes Coaching Group to train and develop clergy coaches and to nurture a culture of coaching in our conference. This training is guided and approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and our coaches strictly adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics (ICF Code of Ethics - International Coaching Federation) This collaborative effort is designed to build relationships, support our mission, add biblical and theological depth to the underpinnings of coaching, and strengthen pastoral leadership…

  • that is less top-down and more come alongside
  • that listens more than instructs and recognizes church leaders as experts in their settings
  • that asks powerful, reflective questions, rather than giving okay answers
  • honors individual creativity, wholeness, and resourcefulness, while expecting accountability
  • that co-creates a vision for the future
  • that mines a leader’s experience, knowledge, and context in creating action plans



Everyone has a different answer to this question.

Here are some of the most common reasons people offer:

  • Just became a senior/solo pastor for the first time
  • Navigating a transition in life, ministry, or career
  • New ministry area leader (youth, children, adult, music, discipleship, mission, hospitality, etc.)
  • Participating in the Board of Ordained Ministry Residency Program
  • Need clarity on goals, direction, and purpose
  • Things were going well, but knew things could be better
  • Navigating the complexities of unprecedented change
  • Exploring new ministry opportunities
  • Seeking to enhance leadership skills

Check out the list of CTC approved Leadership Coaches. On the roster page (which is linked above) you will find a picture and short bio of each of our leadership coaches. 

Coaching Church Partnerships (CCP): This is a new offering of the Center for Evangelism, Mission, and Church Growth. We have targeted a handful of churches of various sizes and contexts who have a positive track record of growth, effectiveness, intentional discipleship, and expanding the life and mission of the Church.  

The Academy of Artful Leadership is offered in collaboration with Holmes Coaching Group and is facilitated by our CTC trained faculty coaches.

The AAL includes 18 hours of individual coaching comprised of eight monthly 90-minute Zoom sessions around key themes in ministry and six individual one-on-one coaching sessions with a trained coach focusing on challenge and opportunities in ministry. We began offering cohorts in 2020.