Rev. Rachel Heyduck; Heyduck Coaching LLC

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About Rachel: My name is Rachel Heyduck, pronounced "hi-duke," and I am a coach, writer, and pastor. It is a silly-looking name, and, as a result of its memory-staying power, I play into the duck-ness of it. My work experience is diverse. I have worked in community centers as a social worker, child advocate at The Women's Shelter in Arlington, TX, and coordinator for youth mission trips where I helped youth work on homes that needed repair. I have also served as an associate pastor at churches dealing with a great deal of change and transition, where I have helped leadership navigate challenging waters. I have worked with all different kinds of people and have loved the challenge. This varied experience has exposed me to a wealth of knowledge and a heart for learning and listening.

Rachel’s ‘Why’ for Coaching: As a duck swims across the water, you see a graceful bird gliding on the surface of the water; yet, below the surface, sometimes a duck's feet are paddling pretty hard to stay afloat. We feel like we work just as hard frantically paddling underwater to keep up a calm and tranquil facade above water for many of us humans. It is unsustainable. We are struggling to find balance and peace amid a world full of change, crisis, and stress. I work with people to find equilibrium; balance between what we show to the world and what is happening behind the scenes. I want to help people get their ducks in a row while being honest about the craziness and embracing the joy of imperfection. Coaching fee: $100.00/hour; $50.00/half hour. 

Rev. Kissa Vaughn

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About Kissa: Kissa was ordained an elder in the UMC in 1995 and has served in all size appointments as a senior pastor, as well as on a large church staff and the conference staff in Arkansas.  She has served as a mentor to many pastors in the ordination process, which is where she discovered a passion for helping people develop their skills in ministry.  When the opportunity to get coach training presented itself, she jumped at the opportunity to learn and develop her coaching skills. Kissa loves to help pastors live into God-sized plans for themselves and their ministries. She is honest, direct and will hold you accountable, while also challenging and encouraging you along the way.

Kissa’s ‘Why’ for Coaching: Helping people tap into their own inner wisdom stirred up by the Holy Spirit. Coaching fee: negotiable, A Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper-$75.00/hour, depending on context.

Rev. Kim Long

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About Kim: My name is Kim Long.  Like you, not just one thing can tell you about who I am.  Not necessarily in this order, I am an ordained Elder in the United Methodist church, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a peer, and a leader.  My faith guides my life and fills my life with purpose and joy.  I have spent my life helping others and walking with others in their own journey of life.  Beginning in 1990, I worked as a speech-language pathologist (SLP) in many different settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and public school. During my 20 years as an SLP, I partnered with people as they recovered, healed, grew, and learned.  I also taught and mentored others who were growing in the profession.  Most of my time as an SLP, I served in leadership as a Lead SLP.  In the 2009, I transitioned to a career in vocational ministry with the United Methodist Church.  Since transitioning, I have served as Youth Director, Director of Adult Discipleship, Associate Pastor, and Pastor.  Here, too, I have mentored and coached others as they have sought to live more fully into their life, achieve their goals, expand their abilities, and grow their leadership.  I have completed 60 hours of coach specific training, as well as 10 hours of mentor coach training. I have been married to my husband, Robert, since 1990.  He is a dentist in the family's practice that was begun by his dad and continued through he and his brother.  We have two adult children, Rebecca and Zach who have recently married two amazing people, Jake, and Braiden.  We also have one sweet and smart dog, Abby, who absolutely runs the house.  I strive to live my life loving God with all I have and loving others as Jesus loves me.  

Kim’s ‘Why’ for Coaching:   I believe that all people are created in the image of God.  Therefore, all people are creative, resourceful, and whole.  Each person is created for purpose and meaning.   But we live in a busy, chaotic world with filled with many distractions and static. Coaching is a powerful tool that can cut through the distractions and static.  It creates space for clarity, creativity, and focus.   Coaching allows for individuals to discover meaning and to live into their purpose.  This is why I coach.  I desire to be present with people as they explore their own creativity, resourcefulness and live into their purpose, achieving their goals.   

As a leadership coach, I will partner with you to live into your professional and personal goals by guiding you to clarify a plan, live into the plan, and celebrate successes as you achieve your goals.  I will provide a forum for you to advance your leadership skills, overcome challenges, and move forward in your personal and professional goals.  Coaching can involve powerful and engaging questions, brainstorming, values clarification, goal setting, identifying plans of action, and accountability. A coaching relationship is not therapy or counseling.  It creates space where you can discover how you can live into the you God created you to be.

Coaching fee: $40.00/fifty-minute session.

Dr. Thomas Childs

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About Thomas: Dr. Thomas Childs is the founding pastor of the LifePoint Fellowship Church (2005), where he continues to serve today. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, a Master of Divinity, a Master of Theology, a Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis in Leadership, studies abroad at the Goethe Institute in Mannheim, Germany, and Level 1 certification in Clinical Pastoral Education. Thomas graduated with honors in each of his degrees, including being a merit scholar at Loyola, a Higginbotham scholar at Southwestern, a Hurley scholar at SMU, and doctoral honors from his work at St Paul’s. 

As a certified coach, Dr. Childs earned his PCC credentials (Professional Certified Coach) with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) in 2022.  Coaching Areas: Business Leadership, Discipleship Pathways, Church Leadership, and Personal Discipleship. Coaching fee: $75-150 per hour, depending on context.

Some of Dr. Thomas Childs' other accomplishments include touring with the Christian band TRUTH, as well as playing in the New Orleans Symphony, the New Orleans Saints Jazz Band, the Desire Brothers band, the Harmon Lights jazz band, and others. Dr. Childs was the first chair trumpet player in the state of Alabama All-State competition, first chair in the Southern United States Honor Band, and the Outstanding Music Major for Loyola Univ in 1993.

Dr. Childs was the Central Texas Conference UMC Morris Walker Clergy award winner in 2000, and he was the host operations director for the UMC General Conference in 2008. Dr. Childs also has been an adjunct faculty for Christian Leadership in the clinical pastoral education program at Harris Methodist Hospital, as well as teaching Christian Leadership at Texas Wesleyan University. And, Dr. Childs has written a series of books on apologetics entitled Christian Logic. 

Thomas’ ‘Why’ for Coaching: Because coaching is the best way to encourage and enable transformation.

Rev. Tommy Prud’homme

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About Tommy: Before becoming an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church in 2019, Tommy spent 27 years as an attorney, finishing his legal career as chief of the Texas Attorney General’s Antitrust and Consumer Protection Divisions. Tommy has spent the last six years bringing the passion for leadership and personal growth he developed as a public attorney to the congregations he has had the privilege to pastor. He is currently the senior pastor at First United Methodist Church of Hillsboro, Texas.

Tommy received his B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin (hook ‘em), his J.D. from Gonzaga University School of Law, and his M.Div. from Asbury Theological Seminary. He and his rock-star wife Kirsten have three children: Caitlin (29), Rachel (27), and Jack (23). They also have two dogs: Ginger Ruth and Buster Ruth. Tommy and Kirsten enjoy kayaking and walking in the mountains.

Tommy’s ‘Why’ for Coaching: Throughout my career I’ve benefitted enormously from friends, family, co-workers, and bosses who have poured into my life and contributed to my personal growth. I have dedicated my career as a leader to doing the same for my employees and congregations. Coaching is the best way I have discovered to continue paying it forward and help clergy flourish in midst of unprecedented change. Coaching fee: negotiable, a cup of coffee-$75.00/hour, depending on context.

Rev. Joy Dister-Dominguez

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About Joy: Rev. Joy Dister-Dominguez is from Southern Michigan, received her Bachelor of Science from Eastern Michigan University, and had an extensive career in hotel management for almost 10 years before answering her call to ministry. Joy was appointed as the Director of the Wesley Foundation at Navarro College beginning in 2013 for over two years, before being appointed as Associate Pastor at Arborlawn United Methodist Church in 2015. In 2020, she was appointed as Associate Pastor at Arlington Heights United Methodist Church in Ft. Worth, Texas, where she oversees Congregational Care and Discipleship ministries, and leads and preaches weekly at their modern worship service. Joy received her Master of Divinity from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in May 2017 and is an Elder in Full Connection in The United Methodist Church. Joy is an ICF trained coach, having completed four levels of training, and is working toward ICF certification.  Joy and her husband Ricky have one son. When not distracted by the joys of parenting, they also enjoy playing co-ed softball, traveling, and watching football.

Joy’s ‘Why’ for Coaching
: The joy of coaching for me is walking alongside people to help them discover their gifts and graces, with assurance they are creative, resourceful, and whole. I delight in helping people see they are beloved   and through deep listening, I help people unlock their full potential. Coaching interests: new clergy coaching, discipleship coaching, personal development coaching, and congregational care development coaching. Coaching fee: $65.00/hour; negotiable.

 Rev. Mike Rodden

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About Mike: Rev. Mike Rodden earnestly aims to encourage and inspire people to discover how to live lives of depth and purpose both professionally and personally. His hope is to share his experiences and skills collected along his never-ending journey of curiosity and growth to help others connect with their true selves and achieve success on their own terms. 

That life-long journey of learning, which frequently means picking things up the hard way, has run through 13 years of service and development in the United Methodist Church—through a variety of missions, ministries, and roles—in small, medium, and large congregations. The journey has detoured overseas to Switzerland, swerving through chances to adapt through the unknown and grinding through sometimes uncomfortable areas of growth. All along the way, the journey has revealed new perspectives while providing opportunities to rediscover gratitude, grace, and a sense of wonder, awe, and adventure. 

His passion for listening to and learning from others, his belief in the hope and potential of our unfinished stories, and his passion to partner with others in order to resonate with the call of God in our lives has led Mike to train with Coaching4Clergy. Mike has coached pastors, coaches, executives, entrepreneurs, teachers, individuals, and teams in both Europe and the US. 

Currently Mike resides in Lausanne, Switzerland, with his wife Lisa and their two young boys. Mike enjoys traveling to new places, walking and biking by the lake, playing cards and fantasy football with friends. He can’t resist the pull of a good story, whether it’s jumping across genres when reading or watching movie collections (Harry Potter, Back to the Future, and Marvel) with his boys. He’s also working on falling down the mountains a little less and figuring out how to stay up on those skis a little more one winter at a time. 

Coaching Interests:

  • Connecting with our true selves/Divine Spark/whole heart
  • Choosing what stories we live by and finding agency in those stories
  • Creating safe space to clarify values and define growth and success 
  • Working through transitions, obstacles, and places where we get stuck
  • Helping leaders create cultures of trust, development, alignment, and impact
  • Developing strengths and gifts
  • Using meaningful momentum to turn goals into action

Mike’s Why for Coaching: The wonder of coaching is found in small choices which plant the seeds for meaningful momentum growing us toward a life lived with a whole heart. Time after time, when we partner in a coaching relationship, we find the courage and clarity to purposefully invest our experiences and strengths within a bigger story of love, grace, and impact.  Coaching gives us space to hope, to be playful, to brainstorm, and then to act. Hourly Coaching Rate: $75. 

Rev. Scott Goodfellow

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About Scott: I’m Scott Goodfellow, a fully trained and experienced executive and leadership coach.  During my 13 years as a Senior Pastor, pastoring churches of 40 to 400, I’ve seen and experienced many of the struggles and successes most, if not all, churches go through at one time or another. It is my passion to partner with churches like yours that are working their way through these times of challenge and to explore and develop executable plans to align your energies and resources back on your God-given mission and dream. 

If your church is going through a time of financial strain, pastoral transition, congregational lethargy, lack of energy and focus, or any other potential challenge, I’d love to partner with you to explore and implement solutions that will help you experience the satisfaction and fulfillment in living into your specific mission and calling.

My coaching interests include churches and pastors that are suffering from a lack of mission and purpose, as well as churches struggling with financial issues, pastoral transitions, or simply no strategic plan to live into their mission and vision. The first hour of coaching would be focused on information gathering and would be free of charge.  Follow-up sessions would be at a rate of $75/hour until I am ICF certified, at which previous client’s rates would increase to $125/hour.  Rates for new clients will be determined at time of certification.

Scott’s Why for Coaching: After being asked to coach a few colleagues and being invited to go through the CAST Coaching training, I have sensed a calling to offer my gifts and experience to the clergy and churches in our conference and beyond; particularly during these challenging times of leading through a pandemic and the challenges that we are all going through with the upcoming General Conference decisions that will be made. I firmly believe that God is calling the church to make a hard shift toward active discipleship and that requires churches and church leaders to have a clear and articulated purpose to assist them in following their God-given mission despite all the melee. I find joy and fulfillment in seeing others living into their full potential and the joy they receive in doing so.

Dr. Jeffrey A. (Jeff) Smith, DMin, PCC

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About Jeff: I am experienced as a pastor and life coach. As I was trained in the use of the coaching model for leadership in 2012 through Coaching4Clergy, I discovered the power of coaching to transform lives and organizations. This was true most especially in working with clergy and churches through the years. My certification as an end of life and grief coach has been a valuable tool as I have worked with people experiencing various types of loss ranging from death to job loss to the loss of normal living during the pandemic. My certification as a discipleship coach has empowered me to focus my own church on our primary calling to lead people deeper into their own discipleship as they seek to transform our world.

Jeff’s Why for Coaching: I was led to create my own LLC known as VisionForge Coaching. My passion for coaching is based on the notion that the answer coachees seek is most often already within, and what is needed is a friend who is willing to listen deeply, ask powerful questions, and help experience the joy of self-discovery. ICF Credentials: Professional Certified Coach (PCC)Areas of Certification: Certified End of Life and Grief Coach; Certified Discipleship Coach; Hourly Rate: $150.00 (will adjust based on ability to pay)