Intergenerational Ministries

Grandparents. Grandchildren.

Life-long Methodists. New Methodists.

Older Congregation. Young Families.

Assisted Living Facility. Preschool Facility.

Typically intergenerational ministry might sound like an adult teaching a children’s Sunday school or an adult serving as a youth group counselor. However, there are many more connections that can be made across the generations. In those unexpected relationships, God’s grace can abound and the church and community can flourish!

Intentional Intergenerational Ministry promotes mutual learning and spiritual growth across age lines and barriers. Young people can influence and lead adults. A mission trip can utilize the gifts of children and teens in addition to adults. Indeed, God’s wisdom and grace takes on a whole new depth when experienced together.

What if the church used Intergenerational Ministry as a strategy for making disciples for the transformation of the world?

Intergenerational Ministry can:

Transform Relationships

Create Energy and Hope for Ministry

Help Churches Engage the Community and World

Build a Lasting Legacy for the Church’s Future


If you have questions or are seeking resources for Intergenerational Ministry please contact CTC Associate Director of Faith Formation, Rev. Amber Massingill at