We are constantly seeking ways to be faithful in our response to the immigration and refugees coming to our area! 

The Methodist Border Friendship Commission, is a ministry of the El Valle District UMC and the Rio Texas Conference of the UMC, we in the Central Texas Conference are very thankful for the vital ministry that the Methodist Border Friendship Commission is bringing. The Commission has been serving since 1999.  Over the years, the Commission has formed strong relationships with the churches, pastors and variety of partnering agencies and ministries serving various ministries including immigrants and refugees in the border area of the Rio Texas Conference and the Eastern Conference of the Methodist Church of Mexico and beyond. 


The Commission has formed a working Committee of this group to be given the responsibility to use designated funds as needed and serve as our link to the United Methodist response to immigration and refugee programs and ministries of these areas.

You can give in your local church to the Methodist Border Friendship Commission using the GBGM National Advance Special #10759O.

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Ways to Help

Contact your US Senators and Representatives:
Although the president has signed an executive order rescinding the family separation policy, there is still great concern regarding the timing of the end of the practice, the fate of those children already separated from their families, and the fate of families who will now end up in detention together.


Our brothers and sisters in the Rio Texas Conference are telling us that families seeking to request asylum continue to encounter tremendous challenges, even when following legal processes for doing so. You can express your thoughts and concerns through the following links or by looking up your senators and congressional representatives online.



Stay in touch with other United Methodists who are taking action:
See the Central Texas Facebook page for more updates on how you can help.

 Suggestions from UMCOR:

To provide support for those seeking asylum we offer the following solutions, which we invite you to share with others. 

1. Contact your elected government officials demanding immediate change through this tool offered by the General Board of Church and Society

Ways to Give

The greatest need at this moment is funding to support relief efforts on the ground. Please do not send items of any kind, as the storage and distribution of these becomes an additional burden to people already working very hard to serve those in need. Following are various ways you can give and what your donation will support.


Justice For Our Neighbors in Austin and San Antonio are providing legal assistance to refugees and immigrants. JFON’s services are focused on family-based and humanitarian immigration law. JFON is working to accomplish the reunification of parents and children who were separated under the zero tolerance policy.
Costs of providing legal representation include mileage for multiple trips to and from both detention centers and immigration court; preparation, copying, and mailing of extensive paperwork; and required continuing education, legal resources, and salaries for attorneys and staff.
Donate to Austin Region JFON: 
 Donate to San Antonio Region JFON:


United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) provides funding to conferences and partner agencies working with immigrants and refugees across the globe. Donate at https://www.umcor.org/.




The purpose of this website is to share around the humanitarian immigration crisis, to share what our people and their partners are doing and learning, what their needs are in their ministry, and how others can help. As the situation on our border changes, often daily, this webpage will change as well. We hope to add resources for people who want to talk and pray about immigration from the perspective of scripture or the Social Principles of our denomination.
In the meantime, thank you for coming to look. You may not agree with every approach or action you read here, but hopefully you will find something that sparks your interest or leads you into prayer or action. Please be in prayer for all people around the world who feel compelled to sojourn to lands not their own. And pray for wisdom, compassion, and courage for those who serve them.