Perfect in Christ

When a parent takes his/her child to the doctor for an annual well-visit, the child is weighed, measured, and looked over from head to toe. The parent hopes to hear the doctor say, “Great! He’s perfect!” But every parent knows their child isn’t perfect….no matter how cute or sweet he is! What the doctor means is that the child is perfect for where he/she is at that moment, where he/she is supposed to be for that age and stage. But will that child be the same at next year’s visit? No! She should grow, change, and develop—it’s natural and expected.

Likewise, you can be perfect today in Christ—exactly where God desires you to be. But does that mean you should stay where you are for the rest of your life? No! As Christians, we are invited to grow in the Holy Spirit and in the image of Christ. Sometimes there are big growth spurts; other times we have slow, incremental spiritual growth. How are you growing your soul this season?

For our spiritual lives, there is such a thing as intentional spiritual growth. It is both natural and purposeful. It is expected growth and yet also surprising in how and when it happens sometimes. Intentional Faith Development is our part in the Sanctification process. How are you seeking to be more Christ-like today than you were yesterday?

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