What you will need:

  1. A smartphone (iPhone or Android)
  2. Facebook application on the smartphone
  3. Tripod for smartphone (you can find these at Walmart or Amazon, make sure the tripod has a smartphone clamp)
**Disclaimer: The following step-by-step process to go LIVE on Facebook is created with the assumption the church has an official Facebook Page (not Facebook Group).**



Open the Facebook app on your smartphone













Go to your church Facebook page and under the name of the page tap "Publish"










 A new post box will open and give you several options below (Photo/Video, Check-In, Feeling, etc.) Tap "Live Video"


















After tapping "Live Video" another window will pop up. Add in the description of this live video, and tap "Start Live Video"











How to live stream on YouTube: Mobile

how to stream on youtube from a phone


  1. Download the YouTube app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
  2. Open the app and press on the camera icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Grant all the permissions YouTube needs for live streaming (camera, microphone, photos, storage).
  4. Select “Go live.”
  5. Choose to record with your phone’s camera (camera icon) or what’s on your display (phone icon).
  6. Set a title for your stream.
  7. Press “More options” to add a description, toggle live chat and monetization (if eligible), set an age restriction, configure privacy settings, and (optionally) schedule a time for your live stream.
  8. Press “Next” and take a picture for your live stream thumbnail or upload an existing one from your phone’s storage.
  9. Hit “Go live.”


Now you’re ready for some untethered live streaming. When you’re done, hit “Finish” and then “OK” to end the stream. A VOD version of your live stream will appear on your channel after. You can access and manage that recording and others through the “My videos” page within the “Library” tab.