Host Church - Living Center Facilities


We call the place we sleep, eat and worship our Living Center. Our needs would include:

  • Rooms for sleeping 80 - 120 people.  Air-conditioned rooms for sleeping and meeting, where belongings can be left during the day.
  • Meeting Room for 80 -120 people for worship and activities
    • PA system (helpful but not a necessity)
    • Chairs
  • Kitchen Use
    • Cooking pots and pans
    • Plates and utensils (CTCYM will bring paper products if necessary)
    • Ice machine (or non-financial help with arranging a local ice company to provide a freezer and ice)
    • Refrigerator space (this can be substantial to store food for 80 – 120 people)
  • Dining Room (can be the same as the meeting room)
    • Chairs and tables
  • Tool Storage area in the parking lot (or location where we can place a trailer)
  • Restrooms (at least 3 stalls/ gender)
  • Parking area (expect 10-12 vans with trailers to be parked overnight throughout the week)
  • Room to use as a CTCYM office for the week (not mandatory but helpful)
  • If available, access for the Center Director and Administrative Coordinator to copier and internet access.

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