Hispanic Ministry Institute

“Equipping People for Diverse Ministries”

The vision of the Hispanic Ministry Institute (HMI) is to encourage churches to be risk-takers and build relationships with the Hispanic community. The Institute, through FUMC Grapevine, seeks to connect and equip churches engaged in this endeavor by providing monthly leadership training, quarterly seminars, and hosting a large conference annually.

5 Key Areas of Focus
Our events seek to help congregations engage and build meaningful relationships with their Hispanic neighbors. HMI is a resource to assist others put faith into action by exploring these key areas:

  • Leadership Readiness
  • Vision/Mission alignment
  • Evangelistic aptitude
  • Passionate spirituality
  • Cultural attitudes

Interactive learning, practicing, researching and investigating are all part of the process. HMI also provides access to mentoring, coaching and advising for congregations building bridges into their communities.

Leadership Training Sessions
Our leadership training seeks to prepare and empower you and the members of your congregation to do God’s work. You will gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to lead different ministries, including small faith groups.

Outreach Ministries Seminars
Join us as we discuss how to reach out to a diverse community. We gather to focus on strategies to engage with peoples from different cultures. We listen to the experts in the field and discuss how it can impact our own faith communities.

Hispanic Ministry Institute Conference
Together—as the people of The United Methodist Church—we learn from each other how to:

  • develop leaders for ministries that attract diverse peoples to the message of the Gospel
  • foster collaboration as we serve all peoples in the name of Jesus Christ
  • develop resources and partnerships that help Anglo congregations reach out and build relationships with the Hispanic community
  • leverage opportunities for outreach into diverse mission fields

Participants will leave with ideas and strategies for their faith communities and develop paths that lead to resources and partnerships that create real-relationships, real-love and real-life experiences.

A Hispanic Ministry Share Fair will be held in February 2020 with SMU-Perkins School of Theology, the Central Texas Conference and the North Texas Conference.

For more information about the Hispanic Ministry Institute, contact Rev. Armando Alvarado, Jr., at First UMC Grapevine: