Each year at Annual Conference, we honor those with a calling to "offer them Christ" daily as modeled by Dr. Harry Denman, founder of The Foundation for Evangelism.
The Harry Denman Evangelism Award is given to recognize those whose lives exemplify the Great Commission through word and deed. This Award honors those whose ministry of evangelism consistently brings people into a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.
What distinguishes a Harry Denman Evangelism Award recipient is their passionate commitment to consistently introduce others to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Their ministry is exceptional for the number of new Christ Followers who credit them as critical in helping to start or reignite their faith journey.

Nomination Form and Details 

  • Nominees exhibit a passion for evangelism in word, sign and deed. Clergy, laity, and even youth are eligible to be nominated.
  • Individuals, churches, and districts can make nominations.

  • The deadline for submissions is April 21, 2023. 
  • Nominations must be received by the Smith Center for Evangelism and Church Growth.
  • Submit completed forms by email to MegWitmer-Faile@ctcumc.org​ 


About Harry Denman

Harry Denman (1893-1976) was once described as the kind of man who could carry the flag at the head of the parade while at the same time beating the drum and setting the cadence for the march. Whether he was speaking to one person or a multitude, he had the gift of making people want to listen. Love for the Lord and his fellow human beings was the keynote of his life. Billy Graham wrote of him: "Denman was one of the great mentors for evangelism in my own life and ministry... the thing people will remember above all about him was his love of Christ and his desire to see others come to know Him." He was tirelessly, dedicated to one objective: to witness for Jesus Christ.

For these reasons, each year the Central Texas Conference seeks to honor one whose life exemplifies the spirit and dedication of Harry Denman with the Denman Evangelism Award. If you know someone who reflect the singleness of purpose in reaching persons for Christ, please complete and submit the nomination form above.

About The Foundation for Evangelism

For more than thirty years, The Foundation for Evangelism has been privileged to work with annual conferences to celebrate outstanding evangelism ministries of United Methodist clergy, laity and youth by sponsoring the Harry Denman Evangelism Award. The Foundation& is a non-profit organization, serving ministries of The United Methodist Church. The mission of The Foundation is to promote, encourage and provide resources for responsible evangelism, enabling The United Methodist Church to bring persons into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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For more information about the Harry Denman Evangelism Award, please contact The Smith Center for Evangelism and Church Growth.