October 27 – November 3, 2017

The conference is sponsoring a trip to Haiti October 27 – November 3. 2017.  We can take as many as 20 people.  The purpose of this mission trip is two-fold.

One of the purposes of this trip is to help empower and equip churches to be in missions.  It is our desire to have people from as many as eight churches on this trip.  Haiti prefers that only people who have been to Haiti lead trips to Haiti since it is such a unique situation.   If one or two people from each church will make the commitment to go not only on this trip but to also lead a trip within one year with your church (and, inviting anyone else you want to invite) the conference will pay $200 of your fee this year and $200 when you lead a trip next year.  If you are interested in being that team leader please contact Rev. Ginger Watson, UMVIM Coordinator, and we will go over the details.  You will also be required to take UMVIM Leadership training (if you have not already had it) which is a 4-hour class given several times a year by the conference.  The cost of that class is $20 and provides you will all of your material.  If you have had this course it is good for five years.

Secondly, the purpose of the mission trip is to provide clean drinking water for the Haitians.  This is a trip that does not require any heavy labor although you must be able to tolerate summer heat.  We will be using Sawyer Point One water filters to teach people how to have clean water for their families.  With the help of interpreters, we will help them put their bucket and water filter together and learn how to properly use the filter.  These filters eliminate cholera, botulism, typhoid, amoebic dysentery, E. Coli and many other bacteria’s.  You can see how vital this ministry is to the people of Haiti who have no water system.  We will also have time to do Vacation Bible School or other activities in the community.

The final cost is not completed however, we anticipate the trip costing about $1650 (including airfare, room and board).  We as a team will raise some additional money to buy and carry at least 100 water filters with us to Haiti.  Your cost will include:  Immunizations Needed, Food/Drinks at Airports, Passport (if you don’t have one), and money for Souvenirs.

Trip Leader is Keith Bierley
Keith and family have been members of Keller UMC for 20 years. In 2012, he joined a Methodist Mission Team to Haiti to aid in earthquake relief. Since that time, and in partnership with Lufkin First UMC, Keith has been part of, and led, multiple teams to Haiti to educate people about water filtration and distribute water filters is areas that do not have clean water. To date, the program has distributed over 1,000 free water filters to the families of Mellier.  Currently, he and others are working to form Water to Life, a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote education on the benefits of clean water and provide water filters in Haiti and other areas in the world that lack access to clean water.  If you have any trip questions, contact Keith at keithbierley@charter.net.

Deadline for Application and $250 Deposit is May 30, 2017
Additional $600 payment due by August 1, 2017
Balance of Cost (Approx. $800) Due by September 15, 2017