Giving, Generosity & Stewardship

A Workshop with Rev. Mike Ramsdell  

Increasing extravagant generosity in the local church does not have to be an Everest-sized summit to climb. According to Rev. Mike Ramsdell, executive director, Smith Center for Evangelism & Church Growth, it is actually much easier than many folks think. As such, and in response to church leaders across the CTC asking for ideas on how to run an effective stewardship campaign. Rev. Ramsdell is offering a short Giving, Generosity & Stewardship workshop from 10a.m. to Noon, Tuesday April 10 at the Central Texas Conference Service Center (3200 E. Rosedale St., Fort Worth, Texas, 76105).

Rev. Ramsdell has served every type and size of local church in his 40+ years of ministry and has learned easy to implement methods of increasing giving in a local church of any size. During the Giving, Generosity & Stewardship workshop, Mike will offer ideas for stewardship campaigns, successful fund raising and building a culture of ongoing generosity for your local church. The workshop is primarily designed for pastors and laity who lead and work in this arena and is applicable to local churches of any size or community. Those attending the workshop are invited to bring information, brochures, booklets, etc. that they have used in previous stewardship/giving campaigns - though it is not required. There will be time during the workshop to share best practice as this is designed to be a partnership between CTC churches as we support one another in this important piece of discipleship.