What exactly is CTCYM?
Each summer CTCYM plans four separate trips. This year we anticipate sending about 1,500 youth and adults from the Central Texas Conference into communities in Arkansas and East Texas to help and serve people in need. This will be CTCYM’s 26th year, so we have a lot of experience in managing these types of trips
What exactly would our church have to do?
As a host church, the primary responsibilities would only be for your church to provide or help arrange a place for our group to sleep, eat and worship. Our host churches also are helpful in making contacts with other community leaders who can help us locate people in need of the work we do. If host churches are without showers, they usually help us locate facilities with showers. Beyond that, the involvement of your church depends on what you would like to do. We have had churches to provide meals for our youth, worship with us in the evening, and plan fun activities. However, all of those are above and beyond the call of duty as a host church. We provide all our food, materials, adult sponsors and worship leaders.
How many people would you bring?
That just depends on the number you think you would accommodate. Depending on the facilities, the number ranges anywhere from 80 to 120 people made up of 4 to 6 different Central Texas UMC youth groups, but the average is 80 persons.
What kind of work do you do?
We do the same kind of work you would expect from youth group mission trips. We do repairs on homes, build wheel chair ramps and small porches, paint homes, build fences, and other home cosmetic repairs. We are open to other types of work requests, also.
For whom do you do this work?
Most of the work we do is for people who can’t afford to do the work themselves or who are physically unable to do the work.
How do you find the work?
We work with local social service agencies to help us find people who would benefit from the type of work we provide. We also invite our host churches to let us know anyone in their congregation who might need our assistance. We provide the social service agencies and the host churches with a referral form to make our initial contact.
What expenses can we expect as a host church?
The only expenses that you might incur are for the additional energy costs we would use while in your facilities, but we try to be as efficient with those as possible. Beyond that we provide all of our own food, we pay for all of our own travel expenses and we pay for all of the supplies we use in our work projects.
Do you have insurance in case of damage to the church?
Yes, our Conference (Central Texas) has a liability insurance policy that would cover the costs of any damages that might be incurred.
What are the dates of your trip?
We will be in Arkansas the week of June 21-27, 2020. Our leadership will arrive on Saturday night and stay in a hotel on the 20th, possibly come to worship with you on the morning of the 21st, and then spend the afternoon setting up the church for our group to arrive at 6 p.m. that night. Then our group would leave first thing in the morning on Saturday, June 27th.
The trip to Central Texas Conference communities will be the week of July 19-24, 2020. Our leadership will arrive on Saturday night and stay in a hotel on the 18th, possibly come to worship with you on the morning of the 19th and then spend the afternoon setting up the church for our group to arrive around 6 p.m. that night. Then our group would leave first thing in the morning on Friday, July 4th.
How much time would CTCYM be in the building during the week?
The majority of our groups will be out of the building before 8 a.m. going to mission worksites. Throughout the day, the only people who would be in and out would be our cooks (usually 3 or 4 people) and a couple of other people in leadership. Our cooks would need to have access to the kitchen in order to prepare for upcoming meals. Around 4 p.m., the groups start to return to the church and will be there until the next morning, repeating this routine for the week. We usually schedule 1-2 evenings of fun and may be away from the church.
If we say yes, what would be the next steps?
Please contact our Coordinator of Youth Ministry, Claire Condrey, at clairecondrey@ctcumc.org, or her assistant, MaDora Ratliff, at madoraratliff@ctcumc.org. They will make sure we have complete and correct contact information for you. Claire will schedule a brief visit to your church to assess the capacity, and also to make notes on other things in the church such as number of restrooms, kitchen equipment, and eating and worship space.
But What If…
We don’t have showers.
Actually, very few of the churches we stay in have enough showers for our group. We usually make arrangements with a local YMCA or school to use showers during that week of the summer.
We would have to run that by the Trustees/Admin Committee/Whoever.
Do you know when they will be meeting again? Could we call you back after that meeting?
We don’t really have a youth group.
That is OK! We will bring all of our own youth. There does not need to be any youth in your church for us to help your community. Some of our biggest supporters have been churches with an elderly population who are excited to see the enthusiasm and faithful service of our youth.
Our church is very busy during the week.
Yes, that can be an issue. We would need to make sure that the rooms where we would sleep would be unoccupied throughout the week so we could leave our stuff there. But with some rescheduling, many of our host churches have been able to make that work. They have told us the effort has been well worth the help we’ve provided the community.
We have a Wednesday night dinner that meets in our Fellowship Hall every week.
Does that continue through the summer? That is something we could work around. That might be a night we would plan a picnic or something off-site.
We have a School for young children during the week?
Does that continue through the summer? If the facilities are available, we could assure you that we have very strict MinistrySafe policies, and that everyone on our trip over the age of 18 has been MinistrySafe certified and completed a background check before they are allowed to participate.