Intercultural Competency Conversation - Central District
Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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One Fellowship
1005 LaSalle Avenue
Waco, TX

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Spencer Driver

Intercultural Conversation
March 3rd, 10: a.m. - Noon 
One Fellowship
1005 LaSalle Avenue, Waco, Texas
All of our hearts broke when Atatiana Jefferson, a young African American woman in Fort Worth was murdered by a local police officer.   At that time, Bishop Lowry brought together African American pastors for a dialogue.  As a conference, we are taking the next step needed to raise awareness with all clergy and congregations.
This Spring our district will be hosting an event for pastors to come together in dialogue regarding intercultural relations, the discrimination that exist in the justice system, and the effects of disproportional poverty on communities of color.  Our prayer is that through the exchange of dialogue, we might find mutual ways to understand each other and partner in ministry.
On March 3rd from 10 a.m. - Nooon, we will be an intercultural dialogue with the pastors of the Central District at One Fellowship UMC, 1005 LaSalle Avenue – Waco, Texas. 
Please make plans to attend this very important event.
As a primer for our conversation, consider watching the following video: