ES22 Session Speakers



 As part of the Evangelism Summit, participants will have the opportunity to hear and learn from pastors who are engaged in innovative ministry and outreach within the Central Texas Conference. The focus of the ES22 “mini-sessions” is to offer very practical evangelism tools and training.
The scheduled sessions and the pastors leading the sessions are below. Times for the sessions will be announced prior to the Feb. 19 summit.



Evangelism Summit 2022 Sessions & Speakers

Felt Needs Targeted Evangelism

Rev. Shea Reyenga


Sports Ministry as Evangelism

Rev. John White (Truett Seminary)


 Neighboring as Evangelism

Rev. Kissa Vaughn


Evangelism in Hispanic Ministry

Rev. Armando Alvarado

Rev. Jesus Molina

Rev. Lili Molina


Multi-Cultural Evangelism and Welcome

Rev. Ryan Barnett

Rev. Tynna Dixon

Rev. Gabe Dominguez


Small Town Evangelism and Outreach

 Rev. Amy Anderson


Preschool Engagement for Evangelism

 Rev. Beth Evers


Fresh Expressions - Dinner Church as Evangelism

 Rev. Jon White