Equipped for the Journey


Equipped for the Journey


By: Jim Love
Pastor, River Oaks FUMC
East District


1 Corinthians 15:58 (CEB)
As a result of all this, my loved brothers and sisters, you must stand firm, unshakable, excelling in the work of the Lord as always, because you know that your labor isn’t going to be for nothing in the Lord.


Ephesians 2:10 (CEB)


Instead, we are God’s accomplishment, created in Christ Jesus to do good things. God planned for these good things to be the way that we live our lives.


In addition to my role as a pastor, I am involved in motorcycle ministry. I try to include in my daily prayers a special request that God might open my eyes to those around me that are in need. I pray this because if I don’t, I will likely walk or ride right past an opportunity to serve another person.


Over the years, God has shown me many persons in need. God has also taught me to beLer recognize the Spirit moving me to help others.


Several years ago, a couple of friends and I went for a lunch ride. We met at the local Harley-Davidson dealership, had a coffee, and prayed before taking our ride. I happened to be leading this ride, so I punched in my destination on the GPS, and off we went.

Knowing we would ultimately get to the restaurant, I began just riding. We took random country roads, and we saw some beautiful scenery. We sometimes had to make a U-turn because we were at a dead end, but we conDnued to enjoy the day, the view, and the camaraderie.

After about two hours, we found ourselves at a crossroads in a small Texas town. One of my buddies pulled up next to me and asked if we could take a break. There was a nice-looking convenience store across the way, or we could pull into this older station for a break. He indicated the closer, older station. I went inside to get a bottleof water. While selecting my water bottle, a young lady dressed in scrubs entered the store. As I was paying for my water, the young lady approached the cashier with a flier and asked if she could post it on the store door. She explained that her younger daughter had gone missing, and they feared for her safety. The cashier gladly gave her tape to post her flier. She and I walked to the door together.

I asked if we could pray with her and her sister. The young lady thought about it for a few seconds and said she would be alright with that. I made sure she knew that that was ok if she changed her mind. We would be outside.

Three big biker guys held hands with the young lady as we prayed.

Afterward, in tears, she said she was scared; there was a chance that her sister had been subject to trafficking. She confessed she had not talked to God in years. We assured her that God has been with her
and that God loves her, her family, and her sister.

In the meanDme, an SUV pulled up and parked. A lady excitedly hurried over to us. The lady told us that her daughter had been baptized last Sunday, and her daughter was excited seeing the men praying for the lady. She said that our praying in public and her daughter’s reaction touched her heart.

God used this Dme to connect the two ladies. They hugged one another as the young lady shared her story. As we walked back to our bikes, we prayed that God would use the lady to further care for the young lady.

When we seek ways to love and care for others, God can use us in ways we may never have imagined. The Spirit leads and equips us for the road ahead, and we have to be willing to respond. How will you listen and respond to those in need around you?


February 19th, 2021 – Waco, TX – 9:00-3:30