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Emotional & Spiritual Care Team Response Training

Basic Emotional & Spiritual Care Response Training
Provides training in identifying spiritual and emotional needs of individuals, communities, and congregations following disasters; responding to those needs; elaborating strategies for disaster responders' self-care, and understanding how Care Teams fit into the overall United Methodist Disaster Response structure. 
Basic ERT Training is not a prerequisite for this class. MinistrySafe compliance is requiredPlease see below.




If you would like to hold at training at your church, please contact Clara Downey at claradowney@ctcumc.org.

UMCOR policy requires that there must be a minimum of seven persons registered in order to conduct a training class. If the class for which you have registered does not meet that minimum by the end of the Monday before it is scheduled, you will be notified of the cancellation and given the option to take the class at a later date. 

**MinistrySafe is the official abuse prevention system for all churches in the Central Texas Conference (CTC). The transition from the Safe Sanctuaries prevention system to MinistrySafe will be complete by July 1, 2015.
ALL Emotional & Spiritual Care Team Members are now required to be compliant with this policy.  This is for the safety of our children, youth and vulnerable adults.  (All current E & S Care Team Members are asked to become MinistrySafe compliant but are not required to do so until they take their re-certification class.)  Please contact your church in order to take this on-line training and go through the process which includes background check, application, interview and reference. This MUST be completed before your training class and the MinistrySafe Compliance Form  MUST be filled out and returned to Clara Downey, CTC Mission Support Asst. before you can attend the training.  Please remember that even though youth and children are not on your team the areas you are working on may have children, youth and vulnerable adults in that location. Let us be good stewards of caring for God’s people!