Focus is to provide necessities, or “handout”, to those with acute needs or in crisis situation without expecting anything in return.  Volunteers will distribute necessities, serve meals, clean up after disasters, repair and build homes and facilities.  Success is measured by amount of people served and money given.  This type of ministry allows for dependency and limited opportunity for faith sharing.

What does it look like? = Services to meet basic human needs:

Backpack Ministry

The purpose of “Mission Backpack” is to energize and equip local United Methodist Churches to be in ministry with the poor by reaching out to these children in our neighborhood and community schools. Learn more here.

Benevolence Ministry

Clearly defined guidelines will help a church know when to spend a significant amount of time and energy with a need and when to refer an individual/family to another community organization.  Learn more here.

Disaster Response

The CTC Disaster Response Ministry supports the efforts of our congregations to prepare for and respond to disasters near and far.  We work in the areas of Disaster Preparedness, Early Response, and Emotional & Spiritual Care, and partner with UMCOR.  Information and training classes available here.

Food and Clothing Ministries

Read about a variety of ways our CTC Churches are reaching out to their communities in ways appropriate to their unique needs. Click Here.

Kids Against Hunger

The mission is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and to feed starving children throughout the world by shipping meals to starving children and their families in over 60 countries. See more here.

Texas Hunger Initiative & Community Partner Program

This is a community building project that seeks to end hunger through public-private collaboration and community organizing.  Learn how your church can partner with them here.

$ Donations to other Relief Ministries


Getting Started = Click here for:  First Steps to Reaching Out Into Your Local Community