GROW - Nurturing a Culture of Growth, is to help create, nurture or sustain a culture of growth within the local church. This weekend experience begins with a Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. workshop with a working lunch. Saturday workshop participants would include laity, lay leaders, staff and pastors. The GROW workshop facilitator will preach each weekend service, culminating in a Sunday noon to 2 p.m. workshop for key leadership, staff and pastors.







Reverend Mike Ramsdell,
Executive Director &
New Church Start
District Superintendent

817.877.5222 x. 1025

Reverend Meg Witmer-Faile,
Associate Director

817.877.5222 x. 1027



Cindi Blackburn,
Executive Assistant &
New Church Start
District Administrator

817.877.5222 x. 1026

Dr. Jerry Roberson,
Church Transformation

817.877.5222 x. 1013



Claire Condrey

Coordinator of Youth Ministry &


817.877.5222 x 1010


MaDora Ratliff
Youth Ministry & CTCYM Registar and Support

817.877.5222 x1011



Katherine Hunter
Mission Coordinator

817.877.5222 x1012




Susan Luttrell

Coordinator of Disaster Response



Clara Downey

Disaster Response

Support/Database Administrator



Beth Stuyck

Director of Operations,

Project Transformation









Cheslea Jones

Program Director, Project Transformation

 817.877.5222 x6539









Cassie Samuelson

Volunteer &

Community Engagement Coord.,

Project Transformation


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