Church Growth Resources

Collection of Resources that we have compiled today about growth through the Local Church. Examples of these resources are New Faith Community Grants, GROW Initiative, Vital Signs, and MissionInsite. 

New Church Starts Resources

Collection of Resources compiled to help New Church Starts begin their journey in their community. Examples of these resources are a current list of our New Church Starts in our Central Texas Conference, and our very important SHAREholder Program. 

Laity Ministries

One of, if not the most vital parts of the local church is the Leadership of its Laity. Click the link or image above to view: how in our Central Texas Conference we can, together energize, equip, and support your local church Laity through our various Laity Ministries. 

Mission Engagement

Engaging the community and the world for mission and transformation is a process. Jesus says “The poor you will always have with you” (Matthew 26:11), and our mission engagement will always include a component of direct aid for those in need. Many churches are working toward the goal of committing a substantial part of mission resources toward ministries that offer the potential for individual transformation through education and relationships.

Spiritual Formation

To be a leader in the church, you must first attend to your own spiritual development. This can be particularly challenging for pastors and laity, but it must not be neglected. With the information collected in our Spiritual Formation maybe there is a new ministry to get involved with! Take a look! 

Justice Ministries

Ministries that surround around the equity and equality of all persons under the Lordship of Christ. From the Inclusiveness Umbrella Team to work with Justice for our Neighbors, we have many opportunities for our Conference in this area.  

Glen Lake Camp & Retreat Center

The Official Central Texas Conference Sponsored Camp & Retreat Center and all of its ministry opportunities

Student Ministries

Ministries for and by students from ages 7th-12th grade 

Campus Ministries

Campus and Collegiate Ministries across our Conference Connection at 2 year colleges, Universities, and Local Churches as well.