Rev. Meg Witmer-Faile, Associate Director

Della Conner, Executive Assistant & New Church Start District Administrator

Susan Luttrell, Coordinator of Disaster Response

Project Transformation Central Texas

Lynne Rhodes, Executive Director of Project Transformation, Central Texas

Chelsea Jones, Program Director of Project Transformation, Central Texas

Beth Stuyck, Director of Operations Project Transformation, Central Texas

Evangelism, Mission, & Church Growth Leadership Coaching

The Smith Center for Evangelism, Mission and Church Growth (CEMCG) exists to help the local churches of the Central Texas Conference reach people we are not already reading. We believe that working with a coach is a key component in leadership development. Just as your personal and professional development incorporates spiritual disciplines, lifelong learning, covenant groups, stewardship, service, discipleship, mentoring, spiritual direction, and counseling, it should also include coaching! The Center for Evangelism, Mission & Church Growth has led the focus on International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach training since 2018.

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