Below you will find a listing of a number of resources that the Smith Center for Evangelism, Mission & Church Growth has made available to the churches in the Central Texas Conference. Please explore and find the tools that could be helpful to your congregation.

New Faith Community Grants

In 2018, the Smith Center for Evangelism, Mission, and Church Growth (CEMCG) launched a three-year initiative that provided grants and resources to be used to launch new faith communities throughout the Central Texas Conference. The New Faith Communities launched with the help of the NFC Grant have been able to reach and connect with persons that before they likely would never have had the opportunity to reach. Following the conclusion of the initial NFC Grant initiative in December 2020, the CEMCG leadership assessed and restructured the NFC process for 2021-2023. Phase II of the NFC Grant initiative features four levels of grant options - $1000 Microgrant; $5000 NFC Relaunch Grant; $10,000 NFC Grant; $25,000-50,000 NFC Partnership Grant - all designed to allow the conference to energize and equip churches as they continue to reach out to their communities in new ways and to continue to fulfill our mission and reflect the CTC’s Wildly Important Goal (the WIG) of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

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GROW - Nurturing a Culture of Growth, is purposed to help create, nurture or sustain a culture of growth within the local church. The intent of this process is to nurture a culture of church growth by either kick-starting a new direction or helping sustain an existing effective vision and mission.



Who is in your community?
What do they like and what do they need?

The Central Texas Conference is pleased to offer every church the continued the use of, a comprehensive online demographic tool. Learn who really lives in the community surrounding your church—their attitudes, affinity groups, church preferences, and needs.


Vital Signs

Enter and Track Your Weekly Statistics Online
All churches are required to enter their worship attendance, professions of faith, number of small groups, participation in small groups and mission/outreach, and offering on a weekly basis into the Vital Signs database.



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