Clergy Directory

Directory Listing of Clergy serving churches in the East District of CTCUMC through Dec. 31, 2020.

East District Churches

Directory Listing of Churches located in the North District of CTCUMC through Dec. 31, 2020.


District Representatives to Annual Conference

Jim Bates (Core Team Representative)

Kevin Walters (Lay Representative from Archives & History)

Beth Stuyck (Clergy Representative from Archives & History) 
Mikayla Warthen (Youth Representative to Annual Conference)
Jocelyn Hernandez (Young Adult Representative to Annual Conference) 
Sharon Conger (Lay Representative to Conference Nominations) 
Chris Mesa (Clergy Representative to Conference Nominations)
Jackie Carter - UWF President
TBS - UMM President

District Director of Lay Servant Ministries: Karen Goodwin

District Lay Leader: Jocqueline Carter

District Committee on Superintendency: 

Philip Rhodes (DS); TBS (Chair)

Kim Simpson, Larry Tubbs, Katie Newkirk, 
Julian Hobdy, Twinkle Stubbs, Judy Hunt, 
Jackie Carter, Brie Kilgore, Allison Alvarado

District Leadership Team

Philip Rhodes (District Superintendent)
Trudy Hughes (Chair)

Jackie Carter (Lay Leader)
Karen Goodwin (Director of Lay Servant Ministry) 

District Board of Church Locations and Building

Philip Rhodes (District Superintendent)
Eric Douglas (Chair)

Class of 2022
Nick Scott
Mary Caraway

Class of 2023
Brenda Brooks
Don Alexander

Class of 2024
Donnie Sherwood
Eric Douglas
Eunice Curry

Additional Leadership Team Members: Chris Mesa, 
Dara Austin, Chris Hayes, Mattie McClure, Debra Crumpton, 
Ginger Watson, Laurie Walkenhorst

District Committee on Ordained Ministry:

Philip Rhodes (District Superintendent); Amy Forsythe-Alexander (Chair)

Fred Bates, Denise Bell-Blakely, Jackie Carter, Alan Clark, Beth Evers, Carol Gibson, 
Karen Goodwin, Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez, Molly Simpson-Hayes, Abby Johnson,
Donna McKee, Robert Nimocks, Drew Nunley, Christine Pierce, Pam Pinkerton-Whitley, 

Tomeca Richardson, Joy Roberson, Kyle Roberson, Kim Simpson, Zach Stiefel, Mary Strayhorn, 
Lee Trigg, Kevin Walters, Jana Wear