Clergy Directory

Directory Listing of Clergy serving churches in the East District of CTCUMC through Dec. 31, 2020.

East District Churches

Directory Listing of Churches located in the North District of CTCUMC through Dec. 31, 2020.




Conference Lay Representative: TBD


Conference Nominations & Leadership Development Team: 

Clergy: Marc Lowrance; Lay: Sharon Conger

District Director of Lay Servant Ministries: Karen Goodwin

Conference Archives & History Team: 

Clergy: TBD; Lay: Kevin Walters

District Lay Leader: Jocqueline Carter

District Board of Church Location & Building

Randy Wild (DS); Sterling Smith (Chair)

Class of 2021

Fred Bates; Dana Davis;

Class of 2022

Donn Duren; Lara Franklin;

Class of 2023

BJ Richmond; Steve Heyduck

District Committee on Superintendency: 

Randy Wild (DS); Marc Lowrance (Chair)

Class of 2021

David Canady; Sharon Conger; David Doggett; 

Sherry Doty; Julian Hobdy; Judy Hunt

Katie Lewis Newkirk; Kim Simpson; Larry Tubbs;

Patrick Wilson

District Leadership Team

Randy Wild (DS/Chair)

Class of 2021

Dara Austin; Fred Bates; Debra Crumpton;

Sherry Doty; Scott Gigliotti; Lynne Grandstaff;

Chris Hayes; Trudy Hughes; Marc Lowrance

Ken Prempeh; Al Qualman (Finance); Judy Richmond;

Kevin Tully; Laurie Walkenhorst; Jo Wilsford

District Committee on Ordained Ministry:

Philip Rhodes (Chair); Lynne Grandstaff (Sec./Reg); Amy Tate-Almy (Reg.)

Ginger Bassford; Beverly Connelly; Jim Conner; Lori Cotton;

Mike Dawson; Molly Hayes; Steve HeyduckErin Jackson

Gordon Johnson; Brady Johnston; Mike Kerzee; Alan Martin

Donna McKee; Robert Nimocks; Andrew Nunley; Grant Palma

Pam Pinkerton-Whitley; Todd Renner; Joy Roberson; Marilyn Schorr

Tina Schramme; Kim Simpson; Ramon Smith; Zach Stiefel

Lee Trigg; Kevin Walters; Laurie Walkenhorst; Matt Ybanez